Employee Engagement is the future: new report coming soon

Organisations are seriously shifting their focus onto employee engagement, and it’s not all about free fruit and cool offices. We’re about to reveal all in our latest report on the Future of Employee Engagement 2019. Find out what 2019 holds for HR professionals striving for success and how to make it happen.

We’ve been looking at employee engagement trends for a while now and we are sharing a real in-depth understanding of the drivers of engagement in the workplace. As well as insights, the report offers actionable employee engagement strategies to help businesses overcome the increasing challenges faced in the effective management of employees.

Employee engagement has gone way beyond the fad stage. It’s an essential driver of business success and many organisations are now focusing on good people management as part of their business strategy.

Profitability, staff retention, workplace happiness, innovation, communication and collaboration are heavily influenced by the level of employee engagement. The bottom line is, the more engaged employees are, the more invested they are in the business they are working for.

The importance of employee happiness in the workplace is greater than it has ever been. Until recently businesses have had the upper hand in recruitment, but the tables are turning and employees are getting pickier about the employer they work for. It’s driving businesses to rethink their employee engagement strategies.

Businesses face huge challenges ahead in attracting candidates, retaining staff and in getting employee engagement strategies right. We live in unprecedented times with technology advancing at an increasingly rapid pace and where competitive advantage is increasingly reliant on diverse and engaged teams.

Developing a business strategy with employee engagement at the heart is becoming the norm. It isn’t easy, but it is essential. Productivity and success are reliant on employees, so it makes perfect sense that employees need to be at the heart of any business plan.

Our report The Future of Employee Engagement 2019 offers businesses a starting point for success. In the report, we have drawn on WeThrive survey results, consulted with industry experts and consolidated over 400,000 pieces of survey data.

The report reveals key findings, presents predictions and outlines actionable strategies for businesses to implement. It includes case studies highlighting innovative employee engagement practices and techniques, and considers the importance of diversity amongst teams.

Here’s a sneak preview of topics covered in the report:

  • The role of Employee Experience
  • Diversity and its impact on workplace culture
  • Averages and the case for the non-anonymous employee engagement survey
  • Mental health & wellbeing
  • The crucial role of line managers
  • AI and robotics – the future?

A diverse workforce is integral to business success. In our report we’ll share crucial information on implementing an employee engagement programme where diversity is valued. Our report explains why businesses need to go back to basics to achieve diversity.

New speaker announced for Future of Employee Engagement Report webinar

We are delighted to announce that Hannah Leach, Employee Experience and Culture Director at Carnival UK (P&O) will be joining WeThrive Business Psychologist, Piers Bishop, and diversity champion, Simon Fanshawe, to discuss the key takeaways from the report and what they mean for your business in 2019 in our webinar.

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