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ARC using an employee engagement survey to drive resultsEmployee engagement survey customer success for ARC!

We love to share good news and John Sellers sent us this fantastic testimonial after using our Team Insights product;

“The Team Insights survey results were enlightening. I had been prevaricating for too long on several issues that were preventing the business from moving forward as quickly as I wanted.

The dashboard gave me clarity and recommendations in several areas, which I had not been able to unpick myself. I have now implemented the changes and have not looked back since!”

John Sellers, MD, Aesthetic Professionals


Team Insights is different to other employee engagement surveys because;

1. To date we have delivered a 95% plus completion rate for every customer. This means the insights you get are from the whole of your team and are really meaningful. Many other providers consider a 50% completion rate a success – guess what, the people you most want to hear from won’t have filled it in!

2. Our costs include both the survey, survey management and the interpretation of the results. It is all done 100% online so you are completely in charge or your own employee engagement survey – it really is super simple to use. You can take away the recommendations and action then yourself…




Click to find our more about our Team Insights.

Posted by Andrew Heath on December 24, 2012

Andrew Heath, Co-Founder of WeThrive employee engagement platform, is passionate about creating better employee experiences in the workplace. Because life is too short to feel unhappy at work! You can reach out and connect with Andrew on LinkedIn

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