Another delighted How to Motivate a Team customer

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Top bridal shop Leonie Claire has run the How to Motivate a Team employee motivation survey on her team with some great results – here’s what she had to say about using our service;

“How to Motivate a Team is brilliant! Simple to use and I can see a clear action plan to improve the way my team works. 

We are a very small team and work incredibly hard to the point where sometimes days whizz by with no breaks or rest periods. I can see this puts pressure on my team but I am in a catch twenty two because until we increase turnover I cannot expand the team to take the pressure off. How to Motivate a Team has given me some clear actions I can take now that will help us through this challenging time.

The team found the process really helpful and we are having one to one meetings to discuss what we learned as part of the process – it has helped us to get a much clearer understanding of what we need to do together as a team. I already feel like we are more productive, joined up and working together – with more improvements to come! I highly recommend this service simple, effective and great value.”

Leonie Lawmon, Owner of Leonie Claire Bridal Boutique.


If this sounds helpful to you then why not run How to Motivate a Team on your staff you can do it totally free for up to 250 people;

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