Everything you need to know about staff retention and engagement on one page – LIVE!

Measuring engagement and staff retention is difficult – even if you do an engagement survey, most of the time you are working with anonymous data that is several months old – talk about taking a shot in the dark!

WeThrive has released a new ‘must have dashboard’ for anyone in HR, talent, OD or L&D… it gives you a live picture of engagement in your organisation broken down into easy to understand, jargon-free language.

It tells you how clearly people understand their roles and how the customers and business benefit from their work, whether people feel valued and part of your team, if people feel they have everything they need to be effective, and what is making them feel stressed and anxious. (You can of course click into the reports for more detail).

The dashboard also highlights your strengths – always good to know what you are doing well – and shows where there is scope for improvement.

The killer feature, that you will not find anywhere else, is the staff risk report. We RAG list for you any staff who are exhibiting scores in areas that we know can cause people to leave organisations – poor line manager relationship, lack of autonomy or no scope to develop and grow. This report will save thousands of pounds in recruitment costs and ramp up time for our customers.

We Thrive staff retention dashboard

Why? This gives you early warning when people aren’t feeling about their roles – even when it’s a subconscious anxiety that hasn’t yet formed itself into a thought. So you can be prepared even before the person themselves is aware of it, and you can get in there and start to make changes to keep your key talent in post, productive and away from the competition. Easy to interpret reports and action plans make it super simple to maximise staff retention.

To book a 1-2-1 demo of the new dashboard with one of the WeThrive team just drop us a line to hello@wethrive.net and we will book you in!

Posted by Andrew Heath on February 1, 2016

Andrew Heath, Co-Founder of WeThrive employee engagement platform, is passionate about creating better employee experiences in the workplace. Because life is too short to feel unhappy at work! You can reach out and connect with Andrew on LinkedIn

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