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There are many demands on the time of a business owner, so it’s all too easy to get distracted away from the basic demands of generating new business and improving productivity. One of the biggest demands on a leasder’s time is effectively managing a team of people. It’s long been recognised that people are the heart of a business but managing employees is not easy and causes no end of work. Our job at breatheHR is to help businesses reduce the amount of employee admin but that’s only part of the story. It’s well understood that sustainable business growth can only come from having an engaged and motivated workforce. But what does that mean and how do companies achieve it? We’re always on the look out for ways to help businesses achieve their goals which is why we’ve teamed up with WeThrive who are experts in how to improve employee engagement.

Managers need to get a real insight into how to manage and coach their people and we think WeThrive is a great tool to do this. Interactions between employees and their managers are important but often all too rare, so WeThrive helps them focus in on the issues that matter. Managers can demonstrate that they are listening to their employees by taking well-considered steps to deal with their concerns. This in turn should lead to happier employees and a more productive workforce.

In practical terms the link between WeThrive and breatheHR makes it simple to select staff in breatheHR then forward the data through to WeThrive in order to send them an employee engagement survey. As soon as employees answer the survey the analysis reports are available in WeThrive for managers to see along with advice as to how to deal with the problems that have been exposed. And as a bonus, if you are a current breatheHR customer you will receive an extra survey for free on top of your chosen WeThrive plan.

So we are looking forward to a successful relationship with WeThrive – another step in the process of building an ecosystem of complimentary products and services around our core offering in order to offer more value to our customers.

If you are a breatheHR customer, WeThrive have made it simple for you to get started. All you need to do is visit this page to find out how it all works and to get started.

Posted by Andrew Heath on November 23, 2015

Andrew Heath, Co-Founder of WeThrive employee engagement platform, is passionate about creating better employee experiences in the workplace. Because life is too short to feel unhappy at work! You can reach out and connect with Andrew on LinkedIn

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