Improved coaching recommendations for busy line managers and more in our latest product update

This month has seen a number of updates across the WeThrive platform so in this blog I wanted to share two of the most exciting with you in a bit more detail.

Get straight to the raw numbers with WeListen Export Scores

We know that many customers like to export their survey scores to Microsoft Excel and other formats. Getting the data in external formats can be great for people analytics requirements when combing engagement data with other key business metrics. That’s why we developed our new ‘Export Scores’ feature so you can get straight to the raw numbers. We’ve kept the previous export feature too, for those who still want to export survey scores and comments in one combined view.

For existing customers, with your survey reports, you will see two export options now available:

  • Export Scores – exports just the survey scores from the 16 areas of the WeThrive model. Ideal for number crunching and creating heatmap reports.
  • Export Comments – exports both the survey scores and the comments from the 16 areas of the model. Ideal for a wider review of both quantitative and qualitative insights.

WeCoach recommendations

We’re also super excited too to launch our new WeCoach recommendations which now provide even greater survey analytics. Alongside the top priority areas, we’re now showing the overall scores and number of people who provided feedback in this area. Plus, based on feedback from our customers, and the latest psychological research, we’ve re-written a whole host of our coaching recommendations to make them even simpler to understand. We have also provided more direct actions to take.

With our redesigned coaching recommendations, it’s now easier than ever to act on your surveys. We’ve clearly split out recommended ‘coaching’ and ‘wellbeing’ actions. Each area has the top three priorities based on the filters applied to the view. Each priority area now includes:

  • The area this priority relates to
  • The action needed
  • The area score based on all survey respondents
  • The number of people who scored this area as one of their lowest and have provided further insights
  • Those insights and coaching recommendations
  • Easy links to create actions and view resources (WeLearn and WeDo subscription required)

We hope you enjoy using this improved view!

Top tip! Don’t forget using the Google Chrome browser you can use the print option to easily save your WeCoach recommendations to PDF for offline viewing and sharing. You can view the full release notes here. 

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