Manage your people data more efficiently with our latest product update

We’re always listening to feedback from our customers, which is why this month we have made a number of improvements to how people data is managed in our platform. 

A successful survey relies on accurate and up to-date employee data. With many of our customers having been with us for a number of years and now running more frequent surveys, we recognised the need for some power-ups in people management!

With these new improvements it’s easier than ever to add and manage your employee data.

Managing your people data

  • A new search function in the people table makes it super easy to find an individual record (or group of people) to update. The new search bar looks at names, email addresses and key segment descriptions (teams, locations etc) 
  • We fixed an issue with the Team filter not maintaining selection when switching between pages in the people table
  • We’ve added an option to hide inactive employees (maternity leave, long-term sick, recently departed, etc), so the people table listings update to only display currently active employees
  • When editing a people table record, entries in the drop-down field are now always alphabetical allowing you to easily search for specific records
  • When editing a people table record, you can now de-select a segment entry. Previously for example, once you had assigned someone to a team you could only re-assign them to another team, (not clear the record from being associated to any team)
  • We’ve added additional table navigation, so you can now quickly jump from the first page of your people table to the last

Intercom help for WeListen reports and WeCoach

Our in-platform Intercom help has been added to the WeListen reports and WeCoach pages. Customers can keep an eye out for some new help content and tutorials popping up here soon!

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