We’ve relaunched our partner programme!

We are delighted to announce that we’ve made some really positive tweaks to our partner programme to give HR professionals and consultants exactly the tools they need to deliver the best results for their clients. Why? We listened to our existing partners and refined the process to improve outcomes. It’s what we always strive to do at WeThrive and is central to our core business message – listen, act and improve.

So, what is our partner programme, who benefits and how? First, here’s an overview of the WeThrive Model.

The WeThrive 4C Model

The WeThrive 4C Model has been developed by our Founder and Business Psychologist, Piers Bishop. It is designed to diagnose the likely causes of upset, stress, anxiety and underperformance in the workplace, as well as provide automatic coaching suggestions to line managers.

The survey questions fall into four main areas (4Cs):

  • Cognitive
  • Capability
  • Connection
  • Confidence

These 4Cs underpin all of the WeThrive tools and have been designed to get to the route of both the conscious and subconscious factors preventing employees from thriving at work.

Importantly, WeThrive provides a psychology-based approach and a support team with years of experience in developing engaging work environments.

Using the WeThrive employee engagement survey you can guide your clients to uncover the problems that are holding workers back and provide them with immediate coaching suggestions to intervene. Our task and action tracking tool gives you the data to provide correlated evidence on how subsequent engagement strategies are delivering ROI value to your client’s business.

The WeThrive platform seamlessly delivers everything your clients need to listen to their employees, review and take action with real-time reports. The model automatically generates coaching recommendations, provides line manager learning content and provides post survey action tracking.

Why the WeThrive partner programme?

Our partner programme is designed to help HR professionals and consultants grow their business and provide our employee engagement survey to their clients.

Essentially, you offer our software product to help your clients and earn 20% commission for every client of yours that signs up. You receive a master login to your client’s individual WeThrive account and support them to uncover the employee engagement issues that are hampering business growth.

We ensure all of our partners understand how WeThrive works and how to apply it in a variety of business settings. You get the tools you need to delight clients and get paid by us for the privilege!

What’s in it for us? We love working with people who share our vision of happy, productive and profitable workplaces. We know WeThrive works and we want as many businesses to benefit as possible. It really is as simple as that.

WeThrive Founder, Andrew Heath, says:

“Our business is all about people and that’s why we love working with HR professionals. They understand implicitly how important employee engagement is for business success.”

Sign up to our partner programme and you can:

  • Generate income by offering WeThrive to your clients
  • Upsell additional services and training to clients based on survey results
  • Get more leads through our marketing team
  • Set yourself apart from the competition using survey tools with a proven track record
  • Become a WeThrive thought leader
  • Become a Thrivology trainer to offer practical coaching to your clients and earn extra income

Our partner portal

Once you’ve signed up to our partner programme (which is completely FREE to join) we’ll give you access to our partner portal where you will find everything you need to get started, including a sales deck, marketing assets and a WeThrive product webinar, as well as useful white papers on aspects of employee engagement for you to share with your clients.

Employee engagement central to HR consultancy

Happier employees are more effective, engaged, resilient, creative, productive and sociable, all of which are essential for business success. Productivity is the biggest unsolved puzzle in the UK. In the current economic climate (Brexit uncertainty and low unemployment), it is even more pressing that businesses up the ante to retain and attract talent and improve output. Improving employee engagement is the greatest challenge for anyone working in HR.

HR consultants offer training, coaching and consultancy services to increase employee engagement and enhance organisational culture. But building a reputation in the world of HR consultancy isn’t easy because so many factors within the workplace can pose enormous challenges. The leverage of accurate people data is essential, and that’s where the WeThrive partner programme comes in.

Do you want to help your clients to remove blockers fast, and grow your business and credibility at the same time? To find out more about our partner programme, request a partner pack here, or why not give us a call? We’d love to chat.

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