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Creating an effective people strategy

Employee engagement is not something that just the large corporations should be worrying about. Having a team of people fully committed to your organisation is what the business is all about – even more so in an SME.


Piers Bishop MA MABP walks through why employee engagement is a big challenge in SMEs and what CEOs need to do to improve how people feel about work to boost productivity.

We wanted to support our managers in developing and retaining our most valuable asset, our people. WeThrive has not only enabled managers to have more meaningful conversations with their staff but the software has also provided insights at team and company level. These insights have empowered the business to make changes at both the macro and the micro level to ensure we reach our business goals with a motivated and engaged workforce.

Stuart Dawson, MD Pure360

Most CEOs in small and medium sized businesses are constantly in the midst of dealing with issues and trying to keep the business on an even keel.

They often simply do not have the time, understanding or resource to define an effective people strategy to engage their workforce. Simply adding in another 100k per annum salary for a strategic HRD is not a commercially viable option for most.

At the other end expecting an HR manager who is used to dealing with holidays, sickness and staffing issues is not going to have the skills or bandwidth to define and implement a successful people strategy.

In this white paper, Piers Bishop, resident business psychologist at WeThrive walks through the unique challenges for CEOs and MDs working in this space and offers some simple steps to get your people strategy right.

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