Develop high performing teams

WeThrive helps you align your people so they know what to do, feel able to do it, and feel part of a team that is confident to deliver.

Creating high performing teams

Imagine your team was in a state of flow, where a team of 10 can deliver the output of a team twice that size. Wouldn’t that be great?

This happens naturally when the individuals are emotionally committed to the other people and the purpose of the team, when they feel like they have everything they need to get the job done and are acknowledged for the part they play…

When this happens it’s a great experience for everyone involved, but it’s often accidental – we don’t have a common language for discussing how or why it comes about – so it’s a challenge for leaders to create the right environment for high performance.

WeThrive gives us clarity of focus on the areas we need to get better at and ultimately supports our overall performance. Given it is so easy to use and the reports are superfast and specifically detailed it’s a dream system!

Ailsa Suttie, Operations Director,

Real time reporting

WeThrive’s real-time reports show you how close to that ideal state of flow any group of people is, and where the opportunities lie to unlock discretionary effort so the team give their all.

Based on a deep understanding of behavioural psychology, neuroscience and human needs, WeThrive delves deeper into the emotional connection between your people and your organisation, giving you clear action plans, guidance and learning content to move them up to the next level.

This way you can reduce frustrations and stress, releasing more mental capacity and freeing people to be creative and collaborate – so you get more done with less.

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