New standards in safety, efficiency and retention

The pressure is on. There’s no room for error. You need your teams to be calm, clear and energized.

Help your team to deliver quality healthcare

Managers want a lot from their people: to care compassionately, avoid errors and stay loyal. And all the while dealing with the pressures of a busy unit and often life-threatening situations.

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The three key challenges

1. Safety

Keeping a clear head demands good professional training for staff. But what are the other pressures in their working lives? How do these affect the team’s performance? And most importantly, what can you do about them?

WeThrive helps you give teams the freedom they need to do their job properly and deliver quality care. Free from unnecessary stresses and strains in the workplace.

2. Efficiency

Many of the issues that derail productivity in the workplace are not even talked about with managers. At last there’s a safe way to bring them into the open so they can be reviewed and resolved.

3. Retention

You recruit, you train and try to retain.

But when working conditions are just not right for a staff member, they’ll leave. And you may never know why.

Well, now you can get the inside track on how to help them, and ensure your valued staff really want to stay with you and contribute to the team.


  • Janine Osmond delivering quality healthcare

    We use WeThrive to 'take the temperature of the team' and uncover underlying staff issues that may affect performance. This new information enables us to design appropriate interventions to get things back on track much more quickly.

    Janine Osmond, Head of Learning & Development, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
  • Charles Highett delivering quality healthcare

    As a CEO I want a team that is happy, knows what it is doing and is motivated to do its work. It is always a challenge to pinpoint what is undermining the individuals in the team. WeThrive is a breath of fresh air - it gives accurate, swift analysis of individual engagement, motivation and happiness, and shows how each person fits into the team and, crucially, is served by their manager. It’s easy to use and the reports give individuals and managers a firm basis for constructive and meaningful reviews. I think this is extraordinary software, and if used correctly rapidly becomes an indispensable tool for any health-related business.

    Charles Highett, CEO Alliance Medical
  • Si Conroy delivering quality healthcare

    Too often, leaders and managers have fairly scant information on which to work with their team and develop actionable objectives. WeThrive acts as a shot of adrenaline to the relationship between employee and employer. It adds depth and dimension to insights into the employee's position that accelerates performance because it accelerates how the relationship can progress.

    Si Conroy, CEO & Founder, Scarlet Monday.

How we help

Heads of education, learning & development and busy line managers find using WeThrive a collaborative, compassionate and most of all effective solution.


The stresses of busy healthcare environments affect a team’s ability to collaborate, act safely and get their work done. Identifying and resolving these issues is key to a happy team and a safe and efficient workplace.


With WeThrive you will quickly see where the stresses are coming from – for each individual and across the group. Many stressors are unconscious, or relate to personal issues in the workplace we don’t normally discuss. But with WeThrive, staff are helped and guided to disclose these, often for the first time, and review them with the team leader for mutual resolution.


You’ll get easy-to-follow action plans at company, team and individual levels. So calming issues down, developing the team and helping individuals to excel – keeping your workplace safe, efficient and stable.

We are on the Capita Learning & Development Sourcing Portal in partnership with Civil Service Learning.

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