Diversity, Equity, Equality and Inclusion

WeThrive’s diversity and inclusion survey for employees help managers better support their people and create workplace conditions that meet the needs of everyone, regardless of their background, identity, abilities or circumstances.

Over 70 years of combined experience in DEEI, people management and practical psychology contributed to the development of our survey.

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Transform Company Culture

Does your organisation meet the needs of everyone, regardless of their background, identity, abilities or circumstances?

The WeThrive DEEI survey assesses how individuals experience diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion at work. It looks at the employee experience through the lenses of human needs.

When well-functioning, meaningful and purposeful diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion is in place, it enables us to create working conditions where everyone can thrive.

The DEEI 4C Model

It is important to realise that “even if we are all same, we are all very different”, meaning that even if we all have the same innate human needs, we tend to experience them differently, we often seek to get them met differently and they can have a different meaning to each of us.

This is especially important to understand when managing and developing people. Only when we understand that everyone is differently abled, and provide individuals with support, training and development based on their individual needs, can we build organisations with true diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion.

Our survey asks questions across the 16 key factors that contribute to ensuring DEEI is met.

Instant Insights and Practical Solutions for Managers

Line managers receive an instant overview of their team’s results with real insights and clarity about what exactly is happening in their team and with each individual.

Practical, straightforward recommendations help managers to take immediate steps to improve each individual’s experience and get their human needs better met. Thus resulting in a greater employee experience and bottom line business performance.

Access Curated Learning Resources

Get the right learning content to the right person at the right time.

Manager’s action recommendations are linked directly to our library of DEEI learning content to ensure they have timely and relevant resources.

No more waiting for results to be analyzed and wondering “what next?”

Get to work instantly

Employees who participate in a DEEI survey expect change. But all too often it takes HR weeks and months to analyse survey data, create structured action plans and draft a report for directors.

WeThrive gets to work instantly, analysing your data and automatically creating reports and action plans for each team in seconds.

Get timely and relevant info in front of your managers and directors so your people can start to see change now.


Intelligent Agendas

Make performance management easy. Every one-on-one meeting can be productive and meaningful with intelligent agendas. Managers can distribute surveys to their team and review the results together to have purposeful, engagement-led conversations.

No more turning up with nothing to talk about. Instead quality focused conversations on the topics that matter most.

Diversity Audits

Understand the culture of your organisation with our employee survey on diversity, equality, equity and inclusion.

Your diversity audit will help you shape better DEEI strategies, make informed company decisions to ensure everyone gets their needs met, and give your line managers real insights and clarity about what exactly is happening in their team.


Want to see how your organisation compares across departments, managers, units, teams and locations? Our benchmarking capabilities help you to segment and manage your data in a way that suits you.

How does your organisation compare to others within your industry? WeThrive shows exactly where your organisation fits into the industry average.

Wherever you are on your engagement journey WeThrive has done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Setting up a WeThrive account takes a few minutes and you can get started with 10 people totally free of charge.

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