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The Employee Engagement Evolution Model

Running one annual survey that is owned and analysed by the HR team is no longer going to cut it. In today’s modern workplace, it is vital that line managers understand how their people feel, are taking ownership of localised challenges, and committing to and actioning change to drive improvement.

We created the Employee Engagement Evolution Model to support busy HR professionals in making a difference to their employee engagement efforts; to engage line managers and employees in the process, and to increase productivity, decrease absence and increase retention.

Using our model organisations can assess their current engagement strategies and work with our Customer Success Team to devise and implement a plan that will deliver the ultimate Employee Experience.

How do you measure up?

The Model covers a total of eight key areas, find out where you are by completing the form below.

A trusted partner making it easy

In some organisations change can happen over a period of months, but we understood that for larger companies this can be a longer term project even up to three years. At WeThrive our aim is to work with you as a trusted partner.

Our team includes qualified psychologists and managers with years of experience in developing engaging work environments, together we will enable you to:

  • Create a listening strategy that ensures everyone gets suitable opportunity to be heard during the lifecycle of their employment.
  • Ensure that feedback can be dissected and analysed in a way that provides meaningful outputs – not just headline summaries.
  • Provide access to results and recommendations so that line managers get immediate access and visibility as to what their teams need.
  • Deliver prioritised, tangible recommendations that are simple to understand and action.
  • Equip line managers with the suitable resources to develop their leadership skills and tap into a wealth of high quality learning content.
  • Ensure ownership for change is across the organisations as whole and not seen as a specialist HR project.
  • Provide direct, correlated evidence of how engagement strategies are delivering ROI value to the business as a whole.
  • Build out a long term analytical view demonstrating the link between feedback from people and value change.

The whole process of implementing WeThrive as so easy… from decision to results in just three weeks. The support was brilliant and has given us a whole new perspective on our people and what we knew beforehand. 10/10 across the board – highly recommended

Start small, see the impact and grow from there

Thanks to our powerful product suite we have a proven track record of getting to the heart of our customers’ people problems. Why not see for yourself? We guarantee an 80% completion rate and three insights and actions that will ensure your employees are thriving. Get started today with a free trial.

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A dynamic employee satisfaction survey designed to uncover how your people truly feel.

An additional layer of insight for line managers to enable deeper 1-2-1 coaching conversations.

Learning resources to improve leadership skills and build happier more productive teams.

A task and action tracking tool for recording post survey activities across your organisation.

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