5 Ways to Create a Culture of Trust, Respect and Empowerment in a Hybrid World

Weds, 22nd Sept 2021 at 14:00 – 14:40 PM GMT

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Andrew Heath,                  David Blackburn,

CEO,  WeThrive                         CPO, FSCS


Are you a CPO, HRD or MD trying to optimise your hybrid working strategy to ensure your organisation grows and thrives? At the heart of this is trust.

But one in three people don’t trust their employers. And nearly half of employees report feeling distrusted at work, resulting in anxiety and stress which has a significant impact on wellbeing, engagement and productivity. But in a hybrid working environment, how can you identify people at risk and take steps to improve performance?

Nobody has a blueprint for hybrid working success but internationally recognised CPO David Blackburn is pretty close. And cultivating a culture of trust, respect and empowerment is key. Join our free webinar with David and learn best practices to make hybrid working a success for your people and your customers.

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Join Andrew Heath, CEO of WeThrive and David Blackburn, CPO of FSCS & and one of the Top 100 HR Directors in the World on 22nd September at 14:00 to discover:

  • How to understand the culture of your organisation today – what questions should you be asking?
  • Why high trust cultures deliver improved business performance
  • The behaviours that build trust in your relationships and your teams
  • How to empower your people and improve performance
  • Embracing and implementing Smarter Working to unlock success