How Harwoods enabled their managers to boost engagement

Megan Thompson · July 14, 2022

Harwoods have been very busy since receiving their engagement survey results this summer…

In a refreshing approach, Harwoods designed their manager conference around the theme “Relay” with all messages connecting back to this. They created a fun activity to get their managers even more involved in discussing the challenges in their teams and, importantly, working out how to fix them.

They went back to sports day with 100 managers joining forces for a mega relay race featuring 4 enormous cubes – each relating to one of the surveys low scoring areas.

When the first whistle blew, each manager ran to grab a sweatband that matched a cube and their teammates. They had a quick group-think session to determine their three top recommendations for addressing that challenge. Soon the whistle sounded again, and they ran to the next cube, and the next, and the next, to think of three ways they could help their teams.

This left Harwoods and their managers with 12 thoughtful ideas in each team – allowing them to prioritise and categorise their plans. What would be the easiest to implement? What could be done by next week? What would have the biggest impact on employees?

It’s great to see our clients coming up with innovative, exciting ways to bring their data to life and fully commit to creating a thriving culture. Check out their photos from the conference.

Sue Hossack
Learning and Engagement, Harwoods