Get 93% completion rate in non-anonymous survey

WeThrive Team · April 9, 2021


Award winning provider Me Learning provide engaging, informative and clearly explained materials in a flexible format for learners. They are used by hundreds of organisations and satisfied learners across the UK.

Individual data in order to sort through issues and drive improvements

Me Learning wanted to get feedback from the team on how they were feeling; good and bad so that they could address any upset areas of the business, offer support on ways to sort through issues and drive improvements inline with their people strategy. Pip Murr, Chief People Officer at Me Learning comments: “Me Learning is a great place to work we want to keep it that way and retain our talent.”

Before using WeThrive, Me Learning had utilised Survey Monkey and Investors in People’s anonymised IIP40 employee engagement survey to gather information on how staff felt about the company.

WeLearn resources enable line managers to focus on specific challenge areas

The decision to switch to WeThrive was made for a number of reasons, Pip explains:

“We liked the 4C Model and the psychology behind the survey questions. We liked the fact that the platform offers solutions on how to tackle sensitive areas and drill into individual results linking to learning resources to help plan one to ones. We found the team professional and approachable and the system is sleek and intuitive to use – I always like a good bar chart!”

Using WeThrive’s non-anonymous survey and with a 93% completion rate, Me Learning were able to uncover specific areas where a few team members felt disgruntled, allowing them to air frustrations and giving management the opportunity to really delve in and address in one to ones just days after the survey was undertaken. Pip expands:

“We knew we had issues where a few team members were working in silos. We felt that if this wasn’t addressed in its infancy, they might soon become disgruntled and the atmosphere would become uncomfortable. We knew this could be overcome by listening to their concerns and finding solutions on how to resolve. The WeThrive survey cut to the chase and enabled us to get these out in the open and sorted – quickly”

Using the WeCoach recommendations and WeLearn resources, line managers have been able to focus in on their specific challenge areas. This has enabled easier and more structured ones to ones with staff, arming them with clear conversation topics and targeted learning resources, meaning they can tackle the problems head on without any awkwardness.

An integral part of the business’ ongoing strategy

WeThrive gave MeLearning the opportunity to give good feedback as there were a number of positive ratings and comments which were then used to really motivate the majority of the team. Pip comments:

“We were delighted to see that, on average, 84% of the time people are clear on what is expected of them. 80% of the time they feel connected to the company’s mission and know how their work impacts the customers. 80% of the time they feel able to collaborate effectively with their colleagues.”

“We believe that the ratings will be even more positive on our next survey now that our Management team have supported, listened to and acted upon the needs of those team members that had brought the ratings down.”

Me Learning recognise that regular feedback sessions and a more structured performance management approach is needed to replace the old fashioned annual staff survey and appraisal.

“We are also using the WeThrive results in conjunction with our performance management tool to help set clear targets, identify training needs and communicate our long term goals. In this way we feel that we are more likely to all be pulling in the same direction, have greater clarity on what’s going on and who’s responsible for what – hopefully creating an exciting, fun and nurturing working environment!”

Pip Murr
Chief People Officer