Volt International empower their managers

Megan Thompson · July 22, 2022

As Volt International’s Head of HR, during the early part of 2021 I came across WeThrive entirely by chance and I am so glad that I did!

Covid, lockdowns, and subsequent home working affected everybody especially with the way in which we were able to interact and communicate with our people. We took the opportunity to conduct a WeThrive engagement survey to take a temperature test of our business and the results were fascinating. The heatmaps that the survey generated gave us insight into the areas of our business where we had challenges to deal with, which to be honest we probably didn’t even know existed!

What was more useful, was when we conducted a follow up survey 6 months later. On the whole there had been improvements in engagement across the business but there was one particular business unit where scores had plummeted. There was nowhere for that manager to hide as the results spoke for themselves, and thanks to WeThrive we were able to act quickly to tackle the problem. We found so much value in the post-survey action plans, which were filled with a wealth of resources, recommendations and training material that has been really useful and has provided us with tools to help develop our managers to get the best out of their people.

We’ve had some really great feedback about the individual employee Mental Health Surveys – it’s confidential, it gives employees a safe way to record how they are feeling, but more importantly it provides tools and resources to help them feel better about themselves.

Cheryl Conway
Head of HR, Volt International