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Company culture influences everything, from sales and profitability to recruitment and turnover.

In today’s competitive market, a strong company culture is more important than ever. The impact on bottom-line business performance is huge, with 77% of people agreeing that a strong culture allows them to do their best work.

In fact, employees are more committed to achieving company goals when there is a strong culture at work.

Company culture drives innovation.

Do you want the top performers in your field working for your organisation? Companies that empower its people builds a healthy culture of professionals who can solve problems in innovative ways and develop professionally.

But only a quarter of employees think their organisation has a strong culture.

Here’s the problem: Few companies actually have a healthy and thriving company culture. Improving company culture comes from understanding and empowering your people to develop and thrive at work.

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What You’ll Get in Your Culture Risk Assessment

  • A culture risk heat map – each department or team will get a score from every area of our 4C employee experience model showing exactly who is thriving and who is surviving
  • Top 2 recommendations – we’ll break down the data and give you clear actions you can take right away to improve employee engagement and minimise retention risks
  • Curated learning resources – access bite-size learning content to support you and your leaders in delivering priority actions

Bonus features:

  • Top areas of engagement – see where your people strategy is working well so you can celebrate your successes
  • Full results review – want to see what other areas need improving? Book a free results review to deep-dive into your data

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See a Sample PDF