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Turnover costs more than £12,000 per employee.

Yes, you read that right. The average cost to replace an employee in the UK is £12,000 when you take into consideration administration, recruitment, onboarding and training a new hire.

But what about the cultural and emotional loss felt by your people, too? When your team lose a member the cost can be far deeper. A decline in engagement, motivation and productivity means that turnover ultimately affects all levels of your business.

52% of voluntary exiting employees say their manager or company could have prevented it.

Exit interviews can help get an understanding of why your talent has walked. But by the time your top performers resign, it’s already too late.

Wouldn’t you rather prevent your people from leaving?

WeThrive measures 16 key areas to identify exactly where employees are struggling. Uncover potential retention issues early to nip issues in the bud.

Improve retention in your organisation today with our free retention risk assessment.


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What You’ll Get in Your Retention Risk Assessment

  • A retention risk heat map – each department or team will get a score from every area of our 4C employee experience model showing exactly who is thriving and who is surviving
  • Top 2 recommendations – we’ll break down the data and give you clear actions you can take right away to improve employee engagement and minimise retention risks
  • Curated learning resources – access bite-size learning content to support you and your leaders in delivering priority actions

Bonus features:

  • Top areas of engagement – see where your people strategy is working well so you can celebrate your successes
  • Full results review – want to see what other areas need improving? Book a free results review to deep-dive into your data

Set yourself up for success in 2021 – get 12 months for the price of 10 if you sign up for WeThrive within 7 days of your survey closing.

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How Bristow & Sutor tune into their employee voice

Kim Parsons
Group Employee Experience Manager

“We have recently launched an anonymous WeThrive survey that will provide us with valuable insight into how Bristow & Sutor Group employees feel. This will influence what we can do to improve work experiences individually but also recognise where things are working well, so we can celebrate success and share best practice for the future.”

Personal Group see staff retention rise by 19%

Rebekah Tapping
HR Director at Personal Group

“The process was simple, the support throughout has been quick and the results are easy to view and interpret. I would definitely recommend WeThrive to anyone looking for an employee engagement survey tool with a difference.”

WeThrive’s platform gives a voice to employees at Design Cleaning

Elad Amir
Director, Design Cleaning

"We chose WeThrive because it gives a voice to people in areas they may not have been able to verbalise before. The platform broke down the data into so many different segments that it really covered all bases.”