Identify causes of stress, burnout & anxiety to improve wellbeing today.

Get a clear understanding of the causes of poor wellbeing in your teams. Design a wellbeing strategy based on what people really need.
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“We were keen to understand the underlying factors contributing to employee stress in order to improve wellbeing in the workplace…The results were fascinating. It became clear that it was also important that people felt connected to Lombard International’s values as an organisation.”


Sandy Locke,
HRD, Lombard International

Create a People-First Culture

Safeguard mental health and wellbeing

Pinpoint the underlying factors contributing to employee stress and give your employees and managers the tools and knowledge to improve wellbeing and performance at work.

Retain top talent

Retain your talent by tuning in to their individual needs and drivers to create a culture where people feel happy and thrive. Identify and remove frustrations and blockers to reduce the chances of your people taking their talent elsewhere.

Improve productivity

Happier staff feel more connected and engaged at work. Focus on the things that are preventing your employees from fully connecting with the visions and values of your business to improve business performance.

Full of Powerful Features

  • Unlimited on-demand surveys
  • Instant feedback and recommendations
  • 1000+ goals and action plans
  • 350 curated learning resources
  • Link your existing eLearning and HR resources
  • Corporate and sector benchmarking reports
  • Live results dashboards and heat maps
  • PeopleHR & BreatheHR integration

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  • Range of data segmentation options
  • Instant recommendations for individuals
  • Full survey control for managers to push survey completions

Ask the questions that really matter.

WeThrive’s intelligent wellbeing survey uncovers the subconscious factors affecting how your people really feel at work.

Our unique 4C psychological model forms the basis for our survey questions, action recommendations, goals and learning content. 

Mental health and wellbeing survey

Get instant insights using your live dashboard.

Save time, effort and money on futile wellbeing initiatives that don’t address the underlying problems.

Use clear, actionable data to create meaningful mental health and wellbeing initiatives that your people really need.

Help employees help themselves.

Automatic action plans tell your people exactly what they can do to improve wellbeing and mental health, supported by curated learning content.

Smart goal setting helps employees track and manage their progress. 

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