How to create a people centric organisation

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“Our people are our greatest asset”

That phrase is found in almost every annual report, but research shows that most CEOs and CFOs see people initiatives as secondary to the main business KPIs


In this white paper Piers Bishop MA MABP and co-founder of WeThrive will explain how HR can get people initiatives squarely in the middle of the business strategy by:

  • Redefining the people strategy to deliver tangible return on investment
  • Creating a clear, single people strategy that the board can understand and buy into
  • Creating a people-centric culture that everyone can understand and be part of
  • Underpinning the whole strategy with business KPIs to show it is working

WeThrive will complement and enhance the data obtained from the Best Companies survey, placing us in an even more informed position as to the way that staff are connecting with the business, and critically guide what to do to make things better.

Gareth Way, HR & Training Director, Creditsafe

“Work is changing fast”

Young appointees have very different expectations of work, of their managers and of their whole lives. It seems likely that the graduate trainee scheme will go, but the new ‘young’ entrants will need a different kind of on-boarding. Older staff will not retire, but take fewer hours and maybe cede seniority as they phase themselves out of work. They may then have to be taken back on as the population ages. The ‘thinning out’ of skills will make many roles redundant as AI and robots take over. Departments and functions will merge and split apart and a great deal more work will be done by project teams. Even there, roles and salary won’t be fixed – staff and subcontractors will float in and out, bidding for places and remuneration within projects.

All of this means that any single plan for doing the ‘people stuff’ will go, to be replaced by something more flexible and adaptive to the needs of the organisation and staff. Whatever that is, it will be most efficient if it is informed by the perspective of the staff – who is feeling what, and why – the data that WeThrive gathers.

Feed this into the HR and L&D plans and you will have the best chance of staff feeling that they want to work for you and having a truly people centric organisation.

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