How do you boost creativity, collaboration and productivity?

Keeping customers happy. Completing projects on time and to budget. It’s a big ask to do this 365 – you need your team clear-headed, focused and on top form.

Constant creativity

Delivering elegant solutions and effective projects that deliver results for your clients – so they keep coming back for more. It’s a constant challenge. You rely on your team to constantly innovate, create and deliver for clients.

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The three key challenges

1. Creativity

Constantly coming up with ideas, concepts and designs requires clear thought, headspace and the right environment. But how do you know if the team are ‘in the zone’?

WeThrive ensures you can identify the major obstacles in the workplace – whether they are people, process or practice issues – and then move beyond them. So the team are ready to wow your customers with work they will love.

2. Collaboration

When creative teams are working well together magic happens and new ideas are born.

To understand and nurture team dynamics in your agency enables you to unlock the power of your creative and production staff for peak productivity.

3. Retention

Growing (and retaining) your team is essential for a thriving business. That’s why WeThrive is such great news for managers: because now you can find out what the threats are to your top talent. You can sharpen your competitive edge, ensure delivery – and cut hiring costs.


  • Adrian Caroen - How to improve creativity

    I'm looking forward to acting on the learnings and can't wait to see the benefits to our business. It's early days in utilising WeThrive in our design business, but so far I can't help but be impressed by new insights we have about our team.

    Adrian Caroen, CEO, Seymourpowell ltd.
  • Stuart Dawson - how to imrprove creativity

    These insights have empowered the business to make changes at both the macro and the micro level to ensure we reach our business goals with a motivated and engaged workforce.

    Stuart Dawson, CEO, pure360.
  • Neil Harvey - How to improve creativity

    WeThrive provided an open forum for individuals to provide honest feedback and allowed me to discuss the results with them and understand how we can do better as a company to improve the engagement and overall welfare of all employees.

    Neil Harvey, Creative Director, Groupbrand.

How we help

CEOs, account directors, creative directors and studio managers rely on WeThrive to help them create the optimal environment for their teams to thrive and deliver amazing work.


Stress and anxiety reduce brainpower and collaboration. They cloud creativity and reduce output. For a happy, productive office you want to understand, identify, and then resolve the issues. Ensuring the whole team is delivering their best work possible.


WeThrive identifies the individual concerns and team problems that impact your business. Whether it is working out how to motivate generations Y and Z or how to stop your creative talent getting tempted away to a competitor – we can help.


You’ll get easy-to-follow action plans at company, team and individual levels. So your directors and managers can quickly set to work. Calming issues down, developing the team and helping individuals to excel. So your agency stays fresh, creative and profitable.

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