HR Magazine Special Report: Employee Engagement

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The world is changing very fast, and companies with a fully engaged workforce are best placed to ride out the uncertainty.

This 14-page special report summarises best practice for engaging your people, from the best use of technology and neuroscience right through to engaging your line managers in the process. Exclusively available here, it contains everything you need to know.



  • Technology changes everything – move on from the annual survey
  • How do we fully engage the individuals in an organisation?
  • Head, heart, gut – the neuroscience of employee engagement
  • Making your line managers the route to an engaged workforce
  • How open should you be – and do anonymous questionnaires really tell you anything?
  • How often is too often – and what should you ask anyway?

Read views and opinions from people like Richard Roberts, former HRD of Virgin Mobile, Lorraine Robertson, associate director at HLM Architects, our own Piers Bishop, and Colin Watt, group director of employee relations at Shop Direct:

“We want to create the environment where colleagues can talk about and seek to better understand the subject of emotional and mental wellbeing. We’ve been able to accelerate some of our initiatives thanks to the positive feedback and encouragement we’ve received from our colleagues. We always go where the energy of our people takes us.”

As companies realise the vital important of engaged employees, there is a scramble to promote a huge variety of new platforms which are competing for their attention. Get the full picture in this special report – make sure you know what to do for the best – and get started with a real engagement programme now

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