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Discover how your people truly feel with an easy-to-use and quick to set up employee engagement survey. With an unlimited amount of surveys, run surveys often to check employee wellbeing or annually for a deeper analysis of employee experience.


  • Retain top talent 
    Engage, develop and retain your talent by tuning in to their individual needs and drivers to create a sustainable high performance culture.
  • Develop your managers 
    WeThrive provides your managers with the toolkit they need to build better relationships with their people. With 300+ resources available, from podcasts to whitepapers, your managers will have access to expert guidance every step of the way.
  • Understand staff and help increase productivity
    With real-time results and immediate action points, WeThrive instantly tells you and your managers what to do to get people back on track and increase productivity.
  • Reduce the causes of stress and anxiety 
    The majority of workplace issues can be resolved via dialogue – it’s simple really: once you understand how your employees feel and why, you can help. WeThrive improves staff wellbeing by uncovering issues and translates them into easy to follow action plans.

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How WeThrive can help you

Are you a CEO wanting to keep your workforce happy and productive?

If you had the time to sit down with every single member of your team over your favourite frothy coffee we’re pretty sure you would. However, the reality of running a business is that you’re facing many complex challenges and are strapped for time, so it’s not going to happen.

WeThrive provides you with off-the-shelf surveys, designed by organisational psychologists.   It’s clever algorithm digs into the data and pulls out immediate action points for you to have meaningful conversations with employees and drive real change in the business.

We have gained clear insight into the issues that affect the happiness of our teams and, where necessary, how we can improve things for them.

Paul Cons, CEO, Konditor and Cook

Paul Cons, CEO, Konditor and Cook 

Are you an HR Manager with limited time and resource?

Short on HR resource? No problem. Following survey feedback WeThrive support team will show you precisely what to do for your staff, their teams and the entire organisation to get them to where they need to be in order for the business, and the individuals within it, to thrive.

The best part for an over-stretched HR team is that WeThrive gets you upstream of the people issues before they become people problems:

25% less sickness = 25% less back to work interviews and 26% higher retention – less time spent talking to agencies, running ads, screening candidates, onboarding and so on!

HR Manager

Having greater clarity on the factors affecting the overall wellbeing and performance of our people has enabled us to roll out a comprehensive engagement plan.

Natassa Hemmings, HR Manager, Hoare Lea 

Are you an HR Director or Head of People trying to convince the board to invest in engagement, culture and your people?

We understand that as an HR professional you are often on high alert and get little time to be proactive. WeThrive shortcuts the process of “The survey’s closed now what?” by automatically creating the action plans based on your employee’s responses. Freeing up your time to deliver the change (and not chasing around running workshops and action planning). WeThrive ensures you are one step ahead of the people issues before they become people problems on your desk.


““Using a non-anonymous survey was revelatory. With individual insights you get absolute clarity about what is really happening.”

David Blackburn, Chief People Officer, FSCA

David Blackburn, Chief People Officer, Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Case studies

personal group see staff retention rise by 19%

Personal Group wanted a more agile employee engagement solution which would enable them to address any issues before they resulted in a person resigning. Using WeThrive, managers were able to assess the easy to read graphs and create a clear action plan with their team members, resulting in an 19% improvement in retention.

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Using WeThrive’s survey, with a 93% completion rate, Me Learning were able to uncover specific areas where a few team members felt disgruntled, allowing them to air frustrations and giving management the opportunity to set up one to ones just days after the survey was undertaken.

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Start small, see the impact and grow from there

Thanks to our employee engagement software we have a proven track record of getting to the heart of your people problems. Why not see for yourself? We guarantee an 80% completion rate and insights and actions that will ensure your employees are thriving.


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