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The traditional employee engagement survey, evolved

WeThrive is an evolution of the annual staff engagement survey. Our platform gets right to the root cause of workplace issues with a pre-built survey that generates automatic reports and provides you with the recommendations, resources and action plans to make positive change. And all in the space of days and weeks, rather than months.

Employee engagement evolved

The old way vs the Wethrive way

For years the link between people and business success has been well documented, however businesses need tools to evidence this or support leaders to make the changes they need to.

Traditionally annual engagement surveys almost always lead to a dead end of “now what do we do?” The outputs of these surveys are broad brush, top level and thematic at best – a useful measure of year on year sentiment for the board pack. But as far away from a practical tool to develop your culture as you can get. WeThrive takes engagement onto its next evolution.


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How to improve productivity with WeThrive

There are a number of benefits to using WeThrive as your regular pulse and annual survey tool, as well as a more tactical tool for specific teams.

  • Replace the annual survey with an organisation health check
    Our pre-built survey, based around our 4C model is the perfect replacement to your annual survey. Our 16 questions cover the core areas of human needs at work, meaning at an organisational and line manager level you can easily get an overall health check and pinpoint the areas that would most benefit from attention.
  • Keep the best talent in your organisation and maximise their effectiveness
    Proven to increase staff retention, WeThrive gives you the opportunity to personalise the employee experience for your future leaders and high potential staff. Reducing frustrations, removing blockers, maximising their effectiveness and reducing the chances of them taking their talent elsewhere.
  • Tactical tool for troubled teams
    HR is often overstretched as they are always on the back foot with people problems. With WeThrive your business can get upstream of any issues before they hit Glassdoor or tribunals, and get them fixed. WeThrive can be used on particular teams with poor results, high sickness or low retention to pinpoint the drivers and the solution in days.
  • Improve line managers people skills
    According to the Investors in People 2018 Job Exodus Trends Report 1 in 4 workers feel unhappy at work, citing poor management as the core reason for wanting to move jobs. WeThrive provides your managers with the toolkit they need to build better relationships with their people – improving retention and productivity at the same time.

WeThrive clients already enabling their staff to thrive:

“Three years ago we had a troubled team who were underperforming. Morale was low and there was a leadership disconnection. Managers within the team used WeThrive survey feedback to ensure they got the right resources in place, and now that same team has the strongest engagement score in the organisation.”

Nicki Auret, Head of HR, ICBC Bank

“The survey tools I’ve used previously have been really hard work in comparison to WeThrive with lots of rules regarding what you could and couldn’t do. WeThrive is incredibly user friendly and very straightforward to set up, we got a response rate of nearly 100%, so we were really pleased.”

Cathryn Petchey, HR Director, Mulberry

“What WeThrive does is drive a different sort of conversation. So conversations become about people and their feelings, as opposed to colleagues and their transactions. It becomes a much more human conversation… and that is invaluable to us.”

Hannah Leach, Internal Communications Director, Carnival

How WeThrive can help you

Are you a Senior HR Professional leading change in the organisation?

As a HR professional, you’re facing many complex challenges.  With an increase in remote working, how do you cultivate a high-performing organisational culture when people aren’t in close proximity? WeThrive provides you with psychology based, listening surveys that identify how your people truly feel and gets to the root cause of any issues hindering their productivity. It’s easy to set-up, provides quick results and drives a real-time conversation around what really matters.

Are you a Learning & Development professional developing managers to be more effective?

With lack of resource and time, developing your talent can be hard but with the seismic changes to the modern workplace managers need to be the best they can be to motivate, engage and keep their team together. WeThrive is the silver bullet for managers and leaders of every level of capabilities because our employee engagement platform delivers them clear action plans and recommendations driven by how their team are feeling – right now!

Supported with curated learning content WeThrive provides a sustainable, always-on platform to lift your managers to a whole new level.

good annual review with smiling manager

Are you a CEO or Operations Director needing to improve staff productivity?

As an employer, you want all your employees to enjoy their work as well as deliver to a high standard.  Without a dedicated HR Manager the responsibility of looking after staff wellbeing and performance can seem somewhat daunting.  WeThrive helps you to better understand how your people are feeling and most importantly, what to do about it, in plain simple terms. Our support team are on hand to help you get the best out of WeThrive and your people. WeThrive is a tool you can trust to keep you informed of how people are feeling and what you can do to help make their work experience as rewarding as possible.

Case studies

wethrive employee engagement software customer - konditor

Konditor see increase of 12% in employee engagement KPI’s with WeThrive

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WeThrive has transformed how annual performance reviews are conducted at VW Heritage.

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Start small, see the impact and grow from there

Thanks to our employee engagement software we have a proven track record of getting to the heart of our customers’ people problems. Why not see for yourself? We guarantee an 80% completion rate and three insights and actions that will ensure your employees are thriving.

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