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Staff turnover is costly – over £30,000 to replace the average employee – and disruptive. Avoid regrettable loss by understanding how to connect your staff into the organisation.

Why are people really leaving?

Exit interviews and Glassdoor help HR understand some of the reasons people are leaving – but by then it is too late. You need to understand how people are feeling before they decide to leave, and WeThrive helps you do that.

Why People Leave White Paper

People seek out places and people where they feel their needs will be met: things like feeling part of something, feeling valued, and believing in the purpose of an organisation. If people don’t get these from your business they will ultimately look elsewhere.
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WeThrive has transformed how performance reviews are conducted at VW Heritage. It brings a new dimension, focussing on all aspects of an employee’s wellbeing at work and has helped open up focused conversations with staff which might not have been possible before. WeThrive has helped us to identify issues and solutions for the benefit of individual team members and the company alike.

Selina Bishop, HR Manager VW Heritage

Less churn with WeThrive

WeThrive uses a human needs model to help you understand where this might happen, scanning the sentiment of your employees to find out who needs what in order to feel properly part of things.

You can use it where you need it, anytime – on the whole organisation, the new starters, the senior leadership team, or anywhere you want to increase satisfaction and reduce churn.

WeThrive works at group or individual level, giving you instant reports and action plans that put you firmly in the driving seat of retention. Given the data that shows who needs what, customers often find that very simple, low cost approaches can retain key people, ensuring they continue to be a valuable member of the team for the long term.

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