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Line manager e-learning

Line managers aren’t always naturally equipped with the people management skills required to do their job.  But, managers are often expected to step into their role with little or no management training.

For new or experienced managers, our management training courses will help develop management skills, enabling line managers to develop into aspiring leaders who deliver results.

Line manager e-learning

Practical and interactive e-learning courses

WeThrive has partnered with Rise – a global leader in delivering online training – to provide line managers with the essential skills they need to be a better manager.

WeThrive line manager e-learning courses are interactive, with video and online quizzes. You’ll love the simple, enjoyable user experience —one that minimises distractions, enabling you to fully engage and absorb the content.

After all, it’s when people are doing something they love, that they can truly thrive.

4 hours of online learning for just £69

At just £69 per person for a course, WeThrive e-learning provides excellent value.

Developed by organisational psychologists

WeThrive line manager e-learning has been carefully designed to provide a solid understanding of human psychology and knowledge of how to create an environment where employees will thrive.

Most line managers are too busy, do not have the skills, or don’t know how to start the conversation. WeThrive helps managers with its employee engagement software, Thrivology training and online courses to be the best managers they can be.

*NEW FOR SEPTEMBER 2020*Line manager E-learning course on improving productivity in remote teams

Improving productivity in remote teams

Remote working has been forced upon many of us. If you’re new to remotely managing a team, or just need help to do it better, this online course will enable you to confidently manage your team to be more productive and deliver better business results.

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