CEO of Arris believes motivation is key to success (BBC)

Andrew Heath · October 23, 2013

Arris motivation is key to success

Found this great article on the BBC about fast-growing US technology group Arris who have been growing massively under Mr Stanzione who is their chief executive.

An excerpt from the post…

“Chief executive of Arris since it was founded in 1995, Mr Stanzione, 65, says he has a very simple but effective strategy for leadership – bringing in the best people to work with him.

“Find the right people, keep them, and motivate them,” he says.

“Let them know how important they are, and give them clear responsibility. I think that’s the key to success.”

We totally agree with him!

So how do you achieve this if you do not have the resources of Arris? Simple we can do that for you using WeThrive. Our unique questionnaire uncovers how your staff feel about their role in the business, what they need and how well you communicate with them. Most importantly you also get 3 clear SMART goals per person that you can then add to your annual review process to help improve…

What next?

Either take WeThrive for a test drive.

Or read the full article on the BBC site.


NOTE. Arris is not a customer of WeThrive.