PeopleHR & WeThrive – working together for happier more engaged teams!

This page is just for PeopleHR customers with all the information you need for a more motivated, engaged and productive team.

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How does WeThrive help PeopleHR customers?

WeThrive cuts through all the noise about engagement, motivation, retention, stress and so on, and takes you straight to the heart of what matters – who likes being at work, who doesn’t and why and what you can do to get everyone more motivated, engaged, happier and incidentally more productive.

Or watch this 90 second video to find out what WeThrive can do for your business or check out our pricing or take a tour.

Ok – does that look interesting?

Great lets get started – as a PeopleHR customer you get a few juicy extras included at no extra cost;

Sounds good doesn’t it? Brilliant… next let’s run a free trial just for you..

Just sign up for your free trial and you can survey 10 of your staff and see the power of the reports and action plans for yourself.

You can either connect WeThrive to PeopleHR right away – it takes about 1 minute to do  (here is a link to the help files).

Please make sure you say hello via the in app support so we can make sure we continue the great support you are used to with PeopleHR.

We look forward to working with you.

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