Iron out the duvet days

Absence is disruptive and costly – nearly 3% of all working time is lost at a cost of over £30Bn a year

How to cut sickness quickly

Everyone needs time off work occasionally, but we don’t want people getting ill because of work, or taking duvet days because they don’t really care about it. Reducing this avoidable absence offers significant ROI…

People are generally quite resilient – we can cope with short bursts of stress and high workloads – in fact we relish a challenge. However, continuing stress and anxiety, bubbling away under the surface, erodes mental capacity, causes erratic behaviour and reduces our effectiveness. Over time our immune system weakens because of the cortisol and adrenaline pumped into the body on command from the amygdala.

This slow degradation of our overall wellbeing makes us more susceptible to coughs, colds, aches and pains. Over time this can develop from the odd Monday off to short spells of minor illness, and can sometimes lead to levels of stress and anxiety that require clinical intervention. Safe-guarding the overall wellbeing of your people is not just a legal requirement it is a moral one.

We use WeThrive to ‘take the temperature of the team’ and uncover underlying staff issues that may affect performance. This new information enables us to design appropriate interventions to get things back on track much more quickly.

Janine Osmond, Head of Learning & Development, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Reduce duvet days with WeThrive

WeThrive will show you to what degree stress and anxiety is affecting your people and most importantly make instant recommendations that you and your line managers can do to reduce it.

The other problem is the people who aren’t really sick, but feel a little jaded and might find the couch is more appealing than a day at work. WeThrive shows you who is not really connected into the meaning, purpose and social interactions at work. Then you can take steps to help them feel more integrated, and so more likely to turn up on what could have been a duvet day.

 Get to the root causes of stress and anxiety so you can help people feel better at work

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