Financial Services: Optimising Employee Experience whitepaper

Regulations are supposed to counter risk, but they increase employees’ stress. Regulation will not decrease, so how can we reduce the total stress on staff?

Avoiding risk and improving motivation and engagement

This whitepaper analyses the key areas of work that increase stress and strain and provides suggestions for how to minimise these touch points.

optimising employee experience in financial services

We uncover the importance of finding out who is experiencing what kind of stress, when, and why. We also discuss how to find the ‘sweet spot’ where employees put in the effort while being clear headed enough to think carefully about the decisions they make, and the benefits that employees actually find helpful.

All of these things can help alleviate stress on your workforce and in turn establish a healthier, more productive environment. Download the whitepaper today to find out more

WeThrive will complement and enhance the data obtained from the Best Companies survey, placing us in an even more informed position as to the way that staff are connecting with the business, and critically guide what to do to make things better.

Gareth Way, HR & Training Director, Creditsafe


WeThrive definitely helps HR partners and managers understand where the issues are. It gives managers, who are typically more comfortable in s commercial conversation, something that they can focus on, enabling them to go about actually solving the issues which helps them feel empowered.

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