All people are not the same, neither are their organisations

An engaged and motivated workforce has different impacts depending on your industry. Each sector requires a slightly different employee engagement strategy. Here are some of the sectors where we have lots of clients and specific information on how we can help your team…


Financial Services

Regulations are supposed to counter risk, but they increase employees’ stress. Regulation will not decrease, so we have to find other ways to reduce the total stress on staff. Find out how with this White Paper

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Travel and Tourism

‘Our customers will never be happier than our staff’.

Not our words, the CEO of Pizza Hut. If there is any industry where positive, smiling, happy staff are absolutely vital, it has to be travel and tourism.

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Accountancy is a highly competitive sector – ensuring your future leaders and fee earners are engaged, motivated and retained is an essential piece of any successful practice’s strategy. Improve retention, productivity and wellbeing.

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Managers want a lot from their people: to care compassionately, avoid errors and stay loyal. And all the while dealing with the pressures of a busy unit and often life-threatening situations.

Find out how WeThrive can keep your team focused and operating at their best.

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Creative and Digital

Keeping customers happy. Completing projects on time and to budget. It’s a big ask to do this 365 – you need your team clear-headed, focused and on top form.

Find out how we can help create the optimal environment for your teams to thrive and deliver amazing work.

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