People and their organisations are not the same

Whatever your goal, throwing an employee survey into the mix isn’t going to be enough. Every sector has its own unique challenges and requires a slightly different approach. WeThrive can help any organisation, but as industry experts we can offer a customised approach.

Financial Services

In our experience the financial services industry needs a specialist approach to navigate regulatory requirements and prepare for unique challenges. Helping you to:

  • Engage employees in large call centre environments
  • Reduce staff turnover and regain or nurture loyalty from existing staff
  • Motivate employees across geographical locations

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“Our Executive Committee responded really positively to the feedback. They bought into WeThrive immediately and are committed to and excited about working further with the team and individual reports.” Monique Vosloo, HR Executive Business Partner, Old Mutual

Travel and Tourism

‘Our customers will never be happier than our staff’. Not our words, the CEO of Pizza Hut. If there’s any industry where positive, smiling, happy staff are absolutely vital, it has to be travel and tourism.

  • Reduce stress for customer facing employees
  • Retain top talent and reduce employee turnover
  • Make an impact on working culture with worldwide teams

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“It was a bit like ‘them and us’ before we had We Thrive, and now it’s ‘us’. It’s not about management and sales team or on all sales, it’s all about ‘us’ as a whole.” Verley North, HR Manager, Travel Nation


Accountancy is a highly competitive sector and management are often logic and number orientated. Not people people. This leaves Millennials feeling unmotivated, which impacts productivity and employee retention. Ensuring that your future leaders and fee earners are engaged, motivated and retained is essential for a successful practice strategy.

  • Reduce stress to improve quality output & productivity
  • Deliver the feedback Millennials need
  • Provide management with talking points and resources to take action

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An experienced team of industry experts

Collectively the team have over a decade of experience in these sectors, both agency-side and internally. This means that beyond their experience and expertise in employee engagement solutions, they also really do have a greater understanding of the inner workings of your organisation. In fact it was the restrictive 1-2-1 and feedback protocols of the financial industry that first caused the co-founder Andrew Heath to challenge the way we motivate employees. Working as a Sales and Marketing Director in Financial Services Andrew struggled to balance delivering on sales targets with spending time with the team in 1-2-1s. Even though he knew it was one of the most important parts of his role. He explains:

“I could see the same problems that I’ve seen throughout my working life – the CEO expected the Line Manager to take care of engagement and performance and the line manager wasn’t investing in the future of their people. Not because they didn’t want too, but because they just didn’t know how and did not have the time. This is why we built WeThrive – to make sure these precious conversations between people are focused right where they will have the biggest impact.”

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