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No more “what next?”

WeThrive’s platform instantly uncovers how people really feel at work and most importantly – what needs to change. Get instant reports, action plans, learning content for individuals & managers.

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One of HR’s top priorities is boosting engagement and improving the employee experience. But identifying who needs what support can be challenging.

Take a people-first approach and deliver real change to each person in your organisation. Watch our quick demo to find out how.

Employee Engagement at Every Level

How engaged are your people? How do they feel about their employee experience? These questions are vital if you want high productivity, engagement and industry beating retention levels.

Asking the right questions is essential.

Writing your own is risky. Your opinions and biases can skew what you ask – and your results.

WeThrive surveys are designed by workplace psychologists (see our science) to do all the heavy lifting for you by asking deeper questions in low scoring areas to get to the root of what needs to change. Each engagement activity needs to lead to change – if not why bother?

Add custom questions or run your own pulse surveys – all our plans give you unlimited surveys!

Instant Insights. Immediate Action.

Get intelligent reports.

The minute your survey is closed our platform works out what needs to happen next. It shows you which areas you excel in and which areas need additional support.

No more crunching data in spreadsheets. Just get straight to the opportunities you need to focus on.

No more “now what?” moments.

WeThrive generates clear action plans and recommendations all supported with curated learning content.

Unlike other platforms, WeThrive has nearly 1000 easy-to-follow recommendations pre-loaded and ready to tell you specifically what to do next to improve your peoples’ employee experience.

Track and manage progress at all three levels of the organisation. 

Curated Learning Resources

Cultivate internal talent and drive ongoing development in your teams.

Employees no longer need to wait for personal development meetings or search through endless L&D content for a relevant training module.

WeThrive provides instant access to curated learning content from our extensive library to help managers and employees to reach their goals. Plus your organisation can add your own resources too.

Add your own organisation resources

You most likely have your own resources to help employees and managers when they’re feeling stressed or need support. But how do employees know when to use them?

Connect your resources to your survey results so managers and employees can access your support content straight from their WeThrive results dashboard.

WeThrive works at all levels of the organisation

Top Level

Identify opportunities and vulnerabilities in real-time by keeping a 24/7 pulse on your business health, how those are changing over time and how they compare to other organisations.

Survey results flow up the organisation so CPOs, HR teams and Directors can access an instant overview of their people’s health, engagement and productivity levels with smart reporting and top-level recommendations.

Wellbeing, productivity and retention risks can be identified early before they hit the bottom line – ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

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Manager Level

Take away the guesswork and give your managers access to a live overview of their team’s engagement, performance and wellbeing. Working in partnership with employees, managers can identify and resolve underlying issues using their team action plans.

WeThrive automates time-consuming tasks, letting your managers focus on what really matters and the actions they need to take to improve their team’s employee experience. Personal goal setting helps managers remain accountable for their team’s progress.

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Individual Level

Every voice in your company matters. That’s why each employee can have a personalised WeThrive Bubble to survey themselves at any time and get instant feedback for improvement.

They can also track and view their recommended actions, insights and progress in their very own dashboard.

Personal accountability fosters long-term motivation, productivity and happiness in your organisation.

WeThrive empowers employees to take control of their personal growth and professional development with smart goal setting. 

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Intelligent Agendas

Make performance management easy. Every one-on-one meeting can be productive and meaningful with intelligent agendas. Managers can distribute surveys to their team and review the results together to have purposeful, engagement-led conversations.

No more turning up with nothing to talk about. Instead quality focused conversations on the topics that matter most.

Anonymous or non-anonymous?

Your people have the choice. Insights can be far more valuable when you know who they’ve come from. It can feel like quite a leap moving towards a non-anonymous survey, but our customers are delighted by the results and feel empowered to make effective change.

Build a culture of trust with non-anonymous surveys and reap the benefits.


Want to see how your organisation compares across departments, managers, units, teams and locations? Our benchmarking capabilities help you to segment and manage your data in a way that suits you.

How does your organisation compare to others within your industry? WeThrive shows exactly where your organisation fits into the industry average.

See how you compare with our free employee experience grader now. No emails or personal details needed.

Wherever you are on your engagement journey WeThrive has done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Setting up a WeThrive account takes a few minutes and you can get started with 10 people totally free of charge.

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Getting Started

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Get back your results! Your digital psychologist will analyse the data and present it back to you.

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Step 3

Identify where you are struggling and see how you can progress with personalised action plans. Create goals to help you get there with your digital coach.

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Step 4

Understand the steps you can take to progress with personalised eLearning content provided by your digital teacher.

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Step 5

Reissue surveys at your discretion to run another self-analysis check. Manage your ongoing progress to see engagement, wellbeing and productivity soar.

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