From average line manager to competent leader

Learn how your line managers can get the best results from WeThrive, making their teams happier and making their own lives easier in the process.

From average line manager to competent leader

Improving engagement, retention and wellbeing is not just down to HR – it has to be a partnership between HR and managers – they hold the key to an engaged, productive and thriving workforce. But they need help.

Busy managers don’t always have the time to get the ‘people bit’ right, the skills they need to motivate their teams or they may feel nervous about diving into coaching their people.

WeThrive’s Thrivology course has been carefully designed to strike the right balance between theory and practice – ensuring your managers leave with the knowledge, skills and resources they need. Your managers will have a solid understanding of human psychology and the conditions they need to create an environment where employees will thrive.

We will explain the science behind WeThrive and how to extract the maximum insight and value from the WeListen reports and WeCoach action plans. As a result, your line managers, aka newly qualified thrivologists, will be primed, confident and ready to dive in after your first survey closes and start taking immediate action – unlocking the full potential of their teams.

By undertaking the Thrivology course and running regular WeThrive employee engagement surveys, your company will become Thrivology accredited.

100% of attendees rated the Thrivology course excellent or very good

Why become Thrivology accredited?

Want to recruit the best talent?

Thrivology accreditation is a great way to stand out in a crowded job market – proving you genuinely care about how your people feel about their employee experience is something potential candidates will value highly. Add in Thrivology qualified managers who listen, coach and lead their teams and candidates will be queing up to join (ask us for our Thrivology accredited boilerplate to enable your business to stand out from the crowd)!

Want to look after your staff?

Thrivology accreditation shows you really care about the mental health and wellbeing of your staff, as you seek regular feedback to feed into your 1-2-1 meetings and people strategy to ensure your staff are OK.

Line managers and leaders

Taking your entire line management population away for a five day residential is probably not going to happen. The combination of WeThrive and our Thrivology course is an affordable alternative that will move all your managers up to the next level of capability. Giving them ownership and accountablility for the leadership, engagement and performance of their teams.

Impact the bottom line of your business

Great leadership delivers higher productivity, lower churn, less absenteeism and higher profitability.

Thrivology course session overview

WeThrive’s Thrivology course shows managers how to get the best results from WeThrive, removing blockers for their teams without adding significant additional work to their already busy days. The transformation in the relationship between manager and staff can be huge – with the team instantly feeling like their boss has their back, as issues and frustrations are dealt with and work just keeps getting better and better.

After taking part in the Thrivology course managers who have never used WeThrive before will be confident to look at and interpret the results and know exactly what to do next in order to improve productivity, motivation and employee retention.

  • Brainstorm session: Think back to your best ever time at work exercise – why was it the best time? How did it make you feel? What made it good? Why does it matter?
  • In practical terms what do we need in order to be at our best at work? We show what happens in the mind and body when these basic human needs are not met in the workplace.
  • The 4C Model and how the survey uncovers problem areas so that your managers can focus their attention on the areas that will have the biggest impact.
  • Using real WeThrive outputs and the analysis managers learn to interpret the results and understand conditions in teams and the challenges facing individuals. Next we work through practical examples until managers are satisfied that they can read survey results and turn those into meaningful dialogue and actions with their teams.
  • To maximise the impact of the course we finish off with a coaching framework and so your managers can work with their people to drive the best possible outcomes.

100% of attendees would recommend a Thrivology course to other line managers

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