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Managers play a crucial role in employee experience, employee engagement and business success

People leave managers not jobs

It may seem like a cliché that people don’t leave a job, they leave a manager, but it is actually true. One in two people have left a job because of their manager and according to a study by Great Place to Work, 62% of employees think their managers show no interest in them as people, two-thirds feel they are not appreciated, and 70% do not plan to stay with their employer for a long time as a result.

Turn average managers into competent leaders

Most managers aren’t terrible at leading teams, but they might not be brilliant either. A number of managers progress into the role without any management training and many lack natural leadership skills.

People management skills involve building and strengthening relationships, motivating people, providing the right information and tools for optimum productivity, and understanding the individual needs of each team member, as well as supporting each of them to grow and achieve their goals.

The fact is managers need highly developed emotional intelligence skills to be a great leader. Self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and social skills are all traits the best leaders possess.


Give managers the tools they need

Busy managers don’t always have the time or the tools they need to be great managers. Often under pressure to get results, they are flooded with resources to make time efficiencies and ensure processes work better, but are given no training or help to get the ‘people bit’ right.

Employee engagement is a big part of the productivity puzzle. To unlock the potential of your people, you need great managers. When your managers learn how to do things better, they can take ownership and tackle the challenges in their teams.

For managers to get the best out of the teams they are leading they need to know how. Our WeLearn resources are a great place to start and are completely FREE. WeLearn offers 300+ hand-picked resources and expert WeThrive content addressing all of the challenges line managers face in managing a team. Learning resources includes TED Talks, animations, videos, HR podcasts, blogs, whitepapers and much more. Read more about WeLearn in our blog here.

Poor managers damage morale and kill motivation, and that plays havoc with employee productivity and attrition. If your managers aren’t hitting the mark, WeLearn can help give them insight into the problems that are likely causing underperformance in their teams.

Coach your managers to lead successful teams

Build a coaching culture and turn your average managers into great leaders. WeThrive can help you get to the route of your teams’ issues, coach you to facilitate productive conversations, create action plans and ultimately grow your managers into the great leaders your business needs.

With great leaders you can be sure to retain key talent, create high performing teams and sky-rocket your business to success. WeThrive’s Thrivology course equips managers with the skills they need to get the best out of the people they manage.

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“WeLearn resources enable line managers to focus on specific challenge areas. We like the 4C Model and the psychology behind the survey questions. We liked the fact that the platform offers solutions on how to tackle sensitive areas and drill into individual results linking to learning resources to help plan one to ones.”

Pip Murr, Chief People Officer, Me Learning

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Me Learning wanted to get feedback from the team on how they were feeling; good and bad so that they could address any upset areas of the business, offer support on ways to sort through issues and drive improvements in line with their people strategy.

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