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Frequently asked questions

How long does WeThrive take to set up?

WeThrive can be accessed via your browser on any device, so implementation is very quick and easy. Setting up your WeThrive account takes just a few minutes. Our customer success team can guide you through importing your people’s data, or you can follow our 5 simple steps help guide.


Scheduling your first survey takes just 5 minutes. After importing your data, employee surveys can be taken the same day or you can schedule your first survey for a later date. (We recommend allowing sufficient time for pre-survey communication so that you maximise your participation rates.)


This means company-wide surveys results, action plans and curated content can be in front of managers and administrators in just 7 days.

Is there a limit on how many surveys we can send?

No, you have an unlimited amount of surveys in your account for Starter Kit, Essentials and Pro plans.

Pro plan also allows individuals to take surveys as often as they like to ensure they get the best employee experience possible.

What results can WeThrive guarantee?

We guarantee that our clients using the PRO plan will improve at least one HR KPI by 10% in their first year. Employee engagement, wellbeing, and managers approach to DEEI can all be measured using your survey data. However, we also guarantee a 10% improvement in retention, productivity or a 10% reduction in sickness or absence. This can be measured using data provided by you.


We’re so confident that we can deliver these results, we offer a full money-back guarantee. Learn more here.

What is WeThrive's participation rate?

On average, WeThrive delivers an 81% participation rate. When employees start to see feedback taken on board and acted upon they are much more willing to commit time and effort to surveys.

Who can access the survey reports and action plans?

Starter Kit: Administrators (such as your HR / people team) can view the entire organisation’s employee engagement and DEEI survey results, reports, goals and action plans.


Essentials: Managers can view their teams employee engagement and DEEI survey results, reports, goals and action plans. Managers can also distribute surveys in their teams.


Pro: Employees can access their personal employee engagement and mental health survey results, reports action plans and goals.


  • Employees do not receive DEEI survey action plans as this relies on cultural change that must come from the top. 
  • Administrators and Managers do not receive mental health survey action plans as these are personal to the individual. They can, however, see an average view of each team’s result. 

Can WeThrive integrate with my existing HR software and comms tools?

Yes. WeThrive integrates seamlessly with BreatheHR and PeopleHR so you can sync your people’s data directly into your WeThrive account. New starters, exiting employees and managers changing roles update automatically from your existing Breathe HR or People HR account.

WeThrive also integrates with Slack, so you can send survey reminders to your people.

What support do you provide post-setup?

Our UK based customer success team provide ongoing phone, email and in-app support to all customers. We can deliver a full concierge setup for your initial surveys and quarterly account management meetings. We also have a full online knowledge base and we produce regular employee engagement & wellbeing related content.