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Stress costs UK businesses around 30 Billion a year.
Get your full report and benchmark.

WeThrive measures how your employee experience is meeting the innate needs of your people. Real-time reports and actions plans identify where your people are thriving and where they need help.

Our CEO Andrew Heath (V85) uses WeThrive to regularly check in with the team and wanted to offer fellow Vistage members the chance to find out how their senior leadership teams are doing too.

Ready to find out what’s holding your SLT back?

Simply fill in this form with all the members of your SLT hit ‘Send my survey’ and we will do the rest – Richard Adams, Head of Customer Success.

Your team will get a warm up email and branded survey in the next day or two.

Once the results are in I will contact you to book a 20-30 minute results debrief to put you fully in the picture.

Depending on participation rates, we will also offer a benchmark review of your survey results against the other Vistage CEOs to see how you compare.


You will get access to WeThrive Expert for 30 days from the date of sending the survey.

WeThrive will complement and enhance the data obtained from the Best Companies survey, placing us in an even more informed position as to the way that staff are connecting with the business, and critically guide what to do to make things better.

Gareth Way, HR & Training Director, Creditsafe

Or take WeThrive for a spin and get a clear picture of how your people feel about working in your business.

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