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WeThrive tells you specifically how and what to do to help your people. With wellbeing indicators and actions included as standard we’ll give you a clear list of ‘quick wins’.

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Staff retention rises by 19% using WeThrive

“WeThrive gave Personal Group the ability to match the outcomes of the survey to the actual results of performance meaning they we were able to quickly manage concerns before they are escalated.”

Rebekah Tapping, HR Director, Personal Group

We were so pleased with our response rate of nearly 100%

“The survey tools I’ve used previously have been really hard work in comparison to WeThrive with lots of rules regarding what you could and couldn’t do. WeThrive is incredibly user friendly and very straightforward to set up, we got a response rate of nearly 100%, so we were really pleased.”

Cathryn Petchey, HR Director, Mulberry

WeThrive is invaluable to us

“What WeThrive does is drive a different sort of conversation. So conversations become about people and their feelings, as opposed to colleagues and their transactions. It becomes a much more human conversation… and that is invaluable to us.”

Hannah Leach, Internal Communications Director, Carnival