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We’ve listed some common workplace and human resource problems and solutions to help you find the right WeThrive products for your business.

Find the Right Product for Your Business

Implement, substitute or replace an annual employee survey

While we encourage our clients to conduct surveys throughout the year, WeListen is essentially an employee survey app, so it can replace your annual employee survey, and it can be adapted to ask further questions in problem areas, so you can get to the root of any issues – fast!

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Get troubled teams back on top of their game

WeListen will help you get to the root of the issues in your troubled teams. WeCoach helps you take the necessary actions by providing Line Managers with deeper insights that can help them have meaningful and powerful conversations in 1-2-1s with the team. WeDo helps them create action plans, track progress and report on improvements, giving you full visibility and accountability.

Focus 1-2-1s or staff appraisals to maximise their impact

The full suite of WeThrive products will help you to make improvements across the board to your 1-2-1 or staff appraisal process. Specifically: listen to your employees (WeListen); gain insight into deeper results to have meaningful and focussed conversations (WeCoach); have access to learning resources that relate to the issues raised (WeLearn), and, monitor post-survey activities and progress (WeDo).

Develop your line managers’ skills

Line managers are often promoted from within the organisation, which means they need to acquire the skills and experience to manage a team. WeListen doesn’t just deliver survey results, it offers immediate actionable guidance for line managers. WeLearn then offers further learning resources specifically chosen to match the issues highlighted in the survey results.

More common problems and solutions

Generate a report for an investor’s staff sentiment review



We don’t just deliver extra employee engagement data with our survey WeListen. We have designed the questions to help you discover conscious and subconscious factors that impact staff sentiment and how it is affecting their neurology. Once the survey is complete you can create custom reports to impress investors for your upcoming pitches.

Understand the employee concerns to improve change management following rapid business growth



Businesses undergo constant change – expansion, restructure, mergers and acquisitions. During periods of major change many companies start to experience high staff turnover from disgruntled employees uncomfortable with change and perhaps used to more 1-2-1 attention. This is the ideal time to implement the full set of WeThrive products. From the employee’s perspective they will feel listened too (WeListen). Your line managers will appreciate the additional insight, recommendations and learning resources to help support their teams (WeCoach & WeLearn) and as the business grows you will have much clearer view of how your staff are doing (WeDo).

Optimise the employee journey from day one and beyond



By implementing our employee survey app WeListen you can find out how your employees truly feel and begin to refine the employee journey from onboarding through to promotion and leadership management. From the moment a new starter accepts a role in your organisation they will have an expectation of what working for you will be like. In those early days ensuring their needs are being met will retain more people and bring new energy and enthusiasm. Maintaining this listening and coaching approach will bring more people through into loyal, thriving members of your team – building your future leaders.

Keep more of your graduate, intern and trainees



WHY: Graduates and trainees are not always confident enough to speak up or experienced enough to truly understand what does and doesn’t motivate them. WeListen is designed to uncover psychological insights that go way beyond conscious drivers. Once you have those results, WeDo will help you create an action plan to resolve any of the issues raised and monitor improvements to your graduate internship and trainee programme.

Reduce staff turnover and retain top talent



While many businesses have annual surveys, they don’t necessarily know what to do with the results. This lack of progress leaves employees frustrated and demotivated, which contributes to staff turnover. WeListen goes beyond a standard employee survey, uncovering deeper insighs and providing top tips on things line managers can do right away. WeLearn provides managers with related learning resources to help them make real progress and WeDo tracks that progress. Not only will this help you retain top talent, you can also monitor, maintain and improve the mental health and wellbeing of your people.

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