Happier staff = delighted customers

WeThrive Team · March 31, 2021

WeThrive keeps the tourism and hospitality industry smiling, find out how with this White Paper

If there is any industry where positive, smiling, happy staff are absolutely vital, it has to be hospitality and tourism. This White Paper analyses the problems faced by the hospitality industry and how you can help your staff enjoy their work so they want to stay.

In the hospitality business it’s a given that turnover is generally high. In fact Deloitte puts employee turnover in the sector at around 30% – nearly twice the average. This is expensive – the combined costs of continual recruitment and the effects this churn has on productivity cost a lot of money. But there’s a bigger problem still – customer retention. This depends on customer service, which needs happy staff – the same staff who tend to leave.

In this White Paper we discuss what affects Staff happiness has on both staff and customer retention and what you can to do improve this in your business. Download the White Paper today to find out more

We wanted to take a new approach to embedding happiness and a partner to help us do that in a creative yet proven way. WeThrive offered that to us with a sound platform, materials and model which will become the byword for talking about our happiness and engagement at work.

Bill O’Shaughnessy, Vice President – People, Cunard Line and P&O Cruises (Carnival UK)