Why an employee engagement survey should not be anonymous

WeThrive Team · March 18, 2021

Download our whitepaper and discover how to get more comprehensive data from more willing employees.

It’s often said that employee engagement surveys should be anonymous because otherwise people will not speak freely. However, did you know that in fact the opposite is true? Surveys actually gather better, more comprehensive data from more willing employees if they are not anonymised.

In our latest whitepaper, WeThrive founder and business psychologist Piers Bishop, makes the case for individual level surveys and explains why the more comprehensive data gleaned as a result comes from more willing employees.

By downloading this whitepaper you will:

  • Understand arguments for why the anonymous survey is not the way forwards and is in fact detrimental to your employee engagement efforts
  • View critical arguments regarding how individual level surveys are the key to driving your employee engagement strategy forwards
  • See the recommended seven steps you should be taking during any employee engagement survey process