How to design and run your own employee engagement survey

· March 18, 2021

Download our white paper and discover what you need to consider in order to maximise engagement and responses.

As 2019 fast approaches you may be considering running an engagement survey in January to help increase motivation, productivity and retention for the New Year. You may be investigating the DIY approach and building a survey yourself in a tool such as Survey Monkey. But how can you ensure that this survey will give you the data you need to make a positive change within the business, and that your employees ‘buy into’ the process?

 By downloading this guide you will:

  • Understand the types of questions you need to ask in order to gain useful data
  • Learn the importance of internal communication and ‘pre-flight comms’ to maximise completion rates
  • See what needs to happen after the surveys have been completed in order to increase employee engagement moving forward
  • Understand the resource you will need in order to execute your DIY survey