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Our employee experience platform drives change at every level of your organisation. WeThrive tells everyone what to do next, supported with curated learning content and smart goal setting.

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We selected WeThrive because they offered us a refreshing new approach to the traditional employee survey…a way of taking the temperature of our employees in a creative and informed way. The data the survey provides us with will only strengthen how we can enhance our employees engagement further. It feels like we’ve found a great partner to work with!


Archie Harwood,
CEO, Harwoods

Create a People-First Culture

Improve Productivity

Focus management effort on the things that are preventing your employees from fully connecting with the visions and values of your business to deliver change and improve employee engagement.

Retain top talent

Engage, develop and retain your talent by tuning in to their individual needs and drivers to create a sustainable high performance culture. Identify and remove frustrations and blockers to reduce the chances of your people taking their talent elsewhere.

Safeguard mental health and wellbeing

Pinpoint the underlying factors contributing to employee stress and give your employees and managers the tools and knowledge to improve wellbeing and performance at work.


Full of Powerful Features

  • On-demand self help surveys
  • Instant feedback and recommendations
  • Employee goals and action plans
  • Curated learning content
  • Link your existing eLearning and HR resources
  • Corporate and sector benchmarking reports
  • Unlimited survey access
  • PeopleHR & BreatheHR integration


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  • Real-time dashboard with detailed team analysis
  • Instant recommendations for team members and manager action plans
  • Full survey control to push survey completions

Ask the questions that really matter.

WeThrive’s intelligent survey uncovers the subconscious factors affecting how your people really feel at work.

Using 16 questions from our 4C employee experience model and a dynamic set of deeper digging questions, WeThrive identifies the root cause of disengagement among your teams.

Get instant insights with your live dashboard.

Segment your data however you like to get the most from your results.

Organised across the 16 key factors that affect how we think and feel at work, your managers can immediately see where your people are struggling.

Take the right action.

Automatically generated action plans tell your managers exactly how to resolve the issues in their team.

Set goals to track and manage the progress of each recommendation. Supported by curated learning content, WeThrive saves you and your managers time and resources to focus on what really matters: your people.

It’s a no brainer.

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