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30,000+ people use WeThrive surveys and 1000+ post-survey actions to deliver a double digit improvement in inclusion, engagement and wellbeing.

  How WeThrive Works

Want to have a massive impact & see guaranteed results?

Sending a WeThrive engagement, wellbeing or D&I survey takes 2 minutes – pre-configured using psychology it will get right to the heart of what is holding your people back. Using their feedback WeThrive will instantly show you and your colleagues precisely what to do next using our database of 1000+ goals and actions.

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We guarantee a double digit improvement in engagement, wellbeing or retention – or your money back.

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Trusted to empower over 30,000 people

Boost employee engagement & performance with reliable, constructive data.

We know that you need more than just an employee engagement survey. You need absolute confidence that you understand your employee’s needs to deliver real change.

WeThrive’s innovative employee engagement software tells you exactly what to do next post-survey with over 1000 recommendations and goals.

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Safeguard mental health & wellbeing based on what people really need.

To create a culture of wellbeing, it is vital to understand exactly what your people need.

WeThrive’s mental health and wellbeing survey identifies where your people are getting their needs met and specifically what may be preventing them from meeting other needs in a healthy, balanced way.

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Create a culture where everyone can thrive.

Does your organisation meet the needs of everyone, regardless of their background, identity, abilities or circumstances?

WeThrive’s diversity, equality equity and inclusion survey gets timely and relevant insights in front of your managers and directors so you can learn exactly where the opportunities and gaps are.

Our straight-forward recommendations help managers get to work instantly so your people can start to see change.

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Leading employers use WeThrive

Harwoods save 360 days of senior management time

Archie Harwood
CEO, Harwoods

We selected WeThrive because they offered us a refreshing new approach to the traditional employee survey…a way of taking the temperature of our employees in a creative and informed way. The data the survey provides us with will only strengthen how we can enhance our employees engagement further. It feels like we’ve found a great partner to work with!

Personal Group see staff retention rise by 19%

Rebekah Tapping
HR Director at Personal Group

“The process was simple, the support throughout has been quick and the results are easy to view and interpret. I would definitely recommend WeThrive to anyone looking for an employee engagement survey tool with a difference.”

How individuals at FSCS are owning their employee experience with WeThrive

David Blackburn
Chief People Officer, Financial Services Compensation Scheme

“Using a non-anonymous survey was revelatory. Anonymity results in a blended mish-mash of data and can only take you so far with understanding how people really feel. With individual insights you get absolute clarity about what is really happening and can pinpoint individual needs. This means the line manager can take ownership and really address each individuals requirements.”

Our People Science

We’ve spent the last 13 years perfecting the science of people at work

Taking a joined up approach to engagement, mental health & wellbeing and DEEI is critical to improve business performance, encourage personal & professional growth, and retain top talent.

Developed by WeThrive co-founder and psychotherapist Piers Bishop (ABP), WeThrive’s psychological models  are built on scientifically established principles from the Human Givens Institute. The surveys dig into the conscious and subconscious areas that impact your people at work and progress is measured by these models using goals, actions and learning resources.

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If you genuinely want to help your people and create a people-first culture then you’re in the right place. WeThrive will help you improve business performance, safeguard wellbeing, retain top talent and create a culture of belonging.

Join our global list of forward-thinking clients who put their people front and centre of everything they do.

It’s a no brainer.

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