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What is WeThrive? Video Overview

WeThrive diagnoses the problems and opportunities in working life, quickly and easily. The personalised action plans reduce the stresses that cause sickness and burnout, freeing people to be more collaborative, creative and productive.

Clients report improved productivity and staff retention, reduced sickness, a more positive culture and easier transitions when changes are implemented.

WeThrive Benefits


Identify the hidden issues bubbling under the surface that may cause key people to leave your organisation.


Happy, motivated and engaged staff are significantly more productive, more creative and collaborate better.


Clients have achieved 25% reductions in absence by addressing issues before they become problems.

You can’t fix what you don’t know

Understanding how your staff members feel is key to addressing the hidden problems that cause upset or reduce productivity.

WeThrive gives a tailored diagnoses and insight into how managers can help staff achieve more and maintain a happier time at work.

As happy people are productive staff!

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A 4 minute mobile-friendly survey uncovers the opportunities for your teams in minutes.

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Instant action plans and reports identify the staff issues you need to address now.

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Understand the negative effects of stress and anxiety in the workplace and how they affect your people.

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  • It is rare to get something this valuable for free! The trial took a couple of minutes to setup and the results were incredibly insightful. Highly recommended.

    Nicky Binning, MD,
  • We wanted to support our managers in developing and retaining our most valuable asset, our people. WeThrive has not only enabled managers to have more meaningful conversations with their staff but the software has also provided insights at team and company level. These insights have empowered the business to make changes at both the macro and the micro level to ensure we reach our business goals with a motivated and engaged workforce.

  • This is HR gold! WeThrive has given me a fantastic insight into my teams with really clear and easy to follow stats and graphics. It has made performance reviews so much more targeted. Highly recommended!

    Barney Dines, Sales Director, VW Heritage
  • I’m looking forward to acting on the learnings and can’t wait to see the benefits to our business. It’s early days in utilising WeThrive in our design business, but so far I can’t help but be impressed by new insights we have about our team.

    Adrian Caroen, CEO, Seymourpowell ltd.

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