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We are the only employee engagement survey provider with an emphasis on human psychology and focus on driving action with recommendations and consultancy services. Through our advanced technology and combined professional and ‘human’ experience, we’re able to deliver the people data you need to make a real difference to your employee experience

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Our products

Finally a employee survey that doesn’t just tell you what is wrong or deliver warped feedback from the minority of engaged staff. Our range of products will help you listen, review and take action in your business with real-time reports, action plans and academy content.

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A dynamic employee satisfaction survey designed to uncover how your people truly feel.

An additional layer of insight for line managers to enable powerful 1-2-1 coaching conversations.

Learning resources to improve leadership skills and build happier more productive teams.

A task and action tracking tool for recording post survey activities across your organisation.

Dynamic employee experience surveys

While engaging staff is important, The WeListen survey goes way beyond employee engagement. Uncovering conscious and subconscious factors that negatively impact staff performance, productivity, staff morale and employee wellbeing. WeListen uncovers incredibly rich, detailed quantitative and qualitative data that can instantly be used to drive long term sustainable change.

  • Top level questions uncover how often each person feels a certain way around key aspects of their daily working life
  • Zero prep time. No need to create your own questionnaire – we’ve done all the hard work already based on solid science

Take action with real-time people data

Once WeListen survey’s complete head on over to the dashboard where you can view the data in a way that makes sense to you. We give you unlimited flexibility to organise real-time data by team, location, department or create your own custom filters. Not sure where to start? if you add-on our product WeCoach you get action plans and recommendations that help you have meaningful conversations right away.

  • Survey who you want, when you want
  • Filter, sort and view your data your way
  • Anonymous free text fields for deeper insights

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Improve motivation & productivity

Happy, motivated and engaged staff are more productive, more creative and collaborate better

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Wellbeing, mental health & sickness

Everyone needs need time off work occasionally, but we don’t want people getting ill due to work.

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Improve staff retention

Find out how your staff feel before they post it on Glassdoor so you can keep more of your top talent

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