Empowering your people

Understand. Develop. Thrive

Try the Survey Yourself (it’s free!)   Meet WeThrive

In 2 minutes identify your strengths, opportunities, how your score compares to your peers & receive your coaching action plan.

Empowering your people

Understand. Develop. Thrive

Try the Survey Yourself (it’s free!)   Meet WeThrive

In 2 minutes identify your strengths, opportunities, how your score compares to your peers & receive your coaching action plan.

Empowering your people

Understand. Develop. Thrive

Try the Survey Yourself (it’s free!)   Meet WeThrive

In 2 minutes identify your strengths, opportunities, how your score compares to your peers & receive your coaching action plan.

Empowering your people

Understand. Develop. Thrive

Try the Survey Yourself (it’s free!)   Meet WeThrive

In 2 minutes identify your strengths, opportunities, how your score compares to your peers & receive your coaching action plan.

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Your people will be happier, more engaged and productive with the help of WeThrive’s employee experience platform. Powered by expert workplace psychologists, they’ll get instant personalised feedback, action plans, tools and resources they need to thrive

Employee Engagement

The nature of the relationship between your organisation and your people is closely associated with business success. Disengaged employees are less productive and experience higher levels of stress, anxiety and presenteeism.

Cultivating an environment of engagement is essential, and even more so in a remote working world. Discover how your people truly feel with an easy-to-use and quick to set up employee engagement survey.

With an unlimited amount of surveys, you can run surveys often to check employee wellbeing or let employees survey themselves.

Try the Survey Yourself (it’s free!)

Employee Retention

How many people leave your business every year? Identify, develop and retain your internal talent with WeThrive. At an average cost of £12,000 for SMEs to replace a single employee, it’s time retention took a more prominent position in your people strategy. Don’t lose your top talent.

Engage, develop and retain your talent by tuning in to their individual needs and drivers to create a sustainable high performance culture. WeThrive gives you the opportunity to personalise the employee experience for your future leaders and high potential staff. Reducing frustrations, removing blockers, maximising their effectiveness and reducing the chances of them taking their talent elsewhere.

WeThrive takes a regular temperature check to gain a clear idea of how employees are feeling – so when someone is unhappy, you can do something about it before they decide to leave. You’ll also have the tools and guidance to take immediate action and make a difference.

Try the Survey Yourself (it’s free!)

Improve Productivity

You and your HR team are probably already working on employee engagement, culture, values and behaviours. That’s great. But, when will you see a real ROI and what is stopping your employees from reaching their full productivity potential?

WeThrive focuses management effort on the things that are preventing your employees from fully connecting with the visions and values of your business, to deliver change and improve employee engagement.

With individual WeThrive bubbles employees can set goals and targets for improving performance and productivity. Setting personal goals is proven to help individuals experience small wins and boost motivation.

Give the power back to your people, so they can honestly identify where their pain points lie and learn what they can do to resolve these issues. Providing your employees with access to a personalized toolkit of resources is critical to drive deeper, more meaningful change. Bite-size eLearning modules and curated training content is on hand to uplift your people’s motivation and offer long-term guidance.

Try the Survey Yourself (it’s free!)

Culture Health Check and Corporate Benchmarking

Replace the annual survey with an organisation health check. Access to real-time live people updates is invaluable in our data-driven working world.

Our pre-built survey, based around our 4C model is the perfect replacement to your annual survey. Our 16 questions cover the core areas of human needs at work, meaning at an organisational level you can easily get an on-demand health check and pinpoint the areas that would most benefit from attention.

See exactly where your people are struggling, hold managers accountable, view progress and benchmark against your industry.

Try the Survey Yourself (it’s free!)

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Business productivity is reliant on healthy and happy employees. As many business leaders and HR professionals know, your employees are your most important asset. Employee wellbeing is a key issue that companies are striving to address as a result of Covid-19 to ensure their employees remain happy and motivated.

Designed by organisational psychologists, WeThrive teases out what your people think and feel and what needs to change. By identifying the underlying factors contributing to employee stress, you and your employees are equipped with the knowledge to improve wellbeing at work. Give your employees the opportunity to manage their own health and wellbeing for better results. Grow employee engagement in a supportive space with real-time feedback from WeThrive.

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Success Stories

Trusted to empower over 30,000 people

Harwoods save 360 days of senior management time

Archie Harwood
CEO, Harwoods

We selected WeThrive because they offered us a refreshing new approach to the traditional employee survey…a way of taking the temperature of our employees in a creative and informed way. The data the survey provides us with will only strengthen how we can enhance our employees engagement further. It feels like we’ve found a great partner to work with!

Personal Group see staff retention rise by 19%

Rebekah Tapping
HR Director at Personal Group

“The process was simple, the support throughout has been quick and the results are easy to view and interpret. I would definitely recommend WeThrive to anyone looking for an employee engagement survey tool with a difference.”

How individuals at FSCS are owning their employee experience with WeThrive

David Blackburn
Chief People Officer, Financial Services Compensation Scheme

“Using a non-anonymous survey was revelatory. Anonymity results in a blended mish-mash of data and can only take you so far with understanding how people really feel. With individual insights you get absolute clarity about what is really happening and can pinpoint individual needs. This means the line manager can take ownership and really address each individuals requirements.”

Your Employee Experience Platform

Increase productivity
Employee retention
Safeguard wellbeing
Business and people insights
Profit retention
Improve company culture
Instant recommendations and action plans
Ongoing leadership training

Time management
Personal bubble
Self-analysis tool
Ongoing training

Learning resources

Our People Science

We’ve spent the last 13 years perfecting the science of people at work with our unique 4C corporate psychology model.

The 4C model underpins everything we do; letting you dig deeper into the conscious and subconscious areas that impact you and your people.

From the questions we ask through to goals, recommendations and learning resources, progress is framed around 16 key factors that affect the way all of us work. Our survey questions fall into four areas of working life:

Cognitive – What the team have in their heads

Capability – Perception on support and resources

Connection – The subconscious invisible ‘human stuff’

Confidence – The conscious ‘feelings’ about work

The 4C model makes it easy to understand the causes of stress and anxiety in the workplace and the negative effect they have on motivation, engagement and performance.

WeThrive 4C Model

People Empowerment

In a remote, data-driven working world, your people strategy must use employee data effectively whilst still understanding employees as individuals.

Empower your workforce with the personalized tools they need to improve their productivity, engagement and wellbeing – or risk flying blind. View the health of your business in real-time – knowing that your people have the tools and resources to help themselves.

It’s a no brainer.

Try the Survey Yourself (it’s free!)

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