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The Challenges of Performance Management: Unveiling the Long-Term Impact

Performance management is a critical aspect of organisational success, aiming to align individual and team goals with overall objectives while fostering growth, accountability, and employee development. However, many companies face…

The Secret to Employee Retention: How to Develop and Nurture Your Talent for Long-Term Success

Employee retention is a crucial aspect of any business. But retention is more than just keeping employees on the job; it is about creating an environment that fosters growth, development,…

10 Key Principles of Effective Performance Management

Performance management is a critical function in any business and ensures that your people are aligned with, and meeting the expectations of your organisation and working towards common goals and…

Why Churn is High and What You Can Do to Fix It

Employee churn can be a major challenge for businesses, as high levels of staff turnover is hugely costly and disruptive to the workplace.

5 ways to Improve Line Manager Performance

Line manager performance play a crucial role in the success of any organisation. From leading their teams, and managing performance, to driving results. However, it’s not easy to be an…

Maximising employee performance through effective performance management strategies

Does your performance management strategy deliver effective results? To maximise and improve employee performance your people need to have meaningful, efficient conversations with their managers. However, the majority of performance…

Manager-employee relationships are critical for business

When you think back to the best job you’ve ever had, you’ll likely be thinking about the people around you. Inspiring teams, thoughtful and engaging managers and feeling connected to others. But is that how your people feel?

4 ways for managers to support engagement

Employers have been dealt a difficult hand over the last few years. Covid-19, the Great Resignation and the cost of living crisis have significantly impacted their people. HR leaders were…

What impact does fast growth have on company culture?

The early years of building a business can be an exciting and inclusive experience. When people join an organisation at the start of a journey, they can believe they are…

mental health awareness week

Tackling loneliness at work

Feeling alone is a key indicator of poor mental health, so it is apt that the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) has selected loneliness as the theme for the 2022 Mental Health Awareness Week.

5 Engagement & Listening Strategy Mistakes

With so much competition for talent and the high cost of recruitment, there is no doubt that staff retention is vital. A positive company culture is essential, and the starting point is for employers to actually listen to their people.

Sticky note with team removed and community in it's place

How community spirit can combat workplace stress

It is apt that this year’s theme for Stress Awareness Month is ‘Community’. The Covid lockdowns and isolation periods resulted in a loss of interaction with our fellow human beings.…