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mental health awareness week

Tackling loneliness at work

Feeling alone is a key indicator of poor mental health, so it is apt that the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) has selected loneliness as the theme for the 2022 Mental Health Awareness Week.

5 Common Engagement & Listening Strategy Mistakes

With so much competition for talent and the high cost of recruitment, there is no doubt that staff retention is vital. A positive company culture is essential, and the starting point is for employers to actually listen to their people.

Sticky note with team removed and community in it's place

How community spirit can combat workplace stress

It is apt that this year’s theme for Stress Awareness Month is ‘Community’. The Covid lockdowns and isolation periods resulted in a loss of interaction with our fellow human beings.…

What is the cost of mental health in the workplace?

What is the cost of mental health in the workplace?

Poor mental health and wellbeing at work can cost organisations a significant amount of lost time, money and resources. Employees who feel unhappy or unsupported cannot work to their full…

employee wellness day

What are employee wellbeing days at work?

Most organisations have some form of employee wellbeing days at work. But what purpose do they serve? And are they the most valuable tool for improving mental health and wellbeing…

employee engagement models and theories

Employee Engagement Models and Theories

Every business leader wants its employees to shine. The financial success and reputation of a company depends on all staff doing their best at work. The million-dollar question is how do employers ensure employees perform at the optimum level?

what is employee engagement in HR

What is Employee Engagement in HR?

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace 2021 Report, the global level of employee engagement fell to a paltry 20% in 2020. It is sincerely worrying to hear that…

hybrid working from home policy

How to Create a Hybrid Working from Home Policy

With the rapid upsurge in demand for hybrid working, organisations should think about producing a written policy on how this will work in practice. The question is what should your…

what is excessive absenteeism?

What is excessive absenteeism at work?

When does an employee’s attendance record become a cause for concern? If you’ve picked up on an employee showing signs of excessive absenteeism it may be necessary to intervene. There…

Employee Attendance Policy and Procedure

Employee Attendance Policy and Procedure Guide

All too often the importance of employee attendance gets overlooked in business. But working hours lost can be a drain on productivity and comes with a cost. If you’re thinking…

Trends in Employee Engagement

It’s possible to plot a timeline of how employee engagement has evolved over recent times, but what are the new trends in employee engagement you should focus on? As years…

working from home contracts & clauses

Working from Home: Contracts & Clauses

Remote working was originally hailed as a temporary solution during COVID-19, but as it becomes permanent many employers must understand working from home contracts & clauses. There is a reason…