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Employee engagement webinars

Whether you are new too the topic or are just looking for some of the latest thinking to help inform your people strategy our webinars are a great place to start. Simply click on the register link – complete the short form and you are all set!
Our resident business psychologist Piers Bishop will guide you through some of the hot topics including mental health, resilience, employee engagement, wellbeing. If there is a topic you would like us to cover just contact us and we will do our best to put together a new webinar.

Past Webinars

How managers can use digital tools to improve productivity in remote teams

Thu, Sep 10, 2020 10:00 AM – 10:40 AM BST

Just a few months ago managing a team was infinitely easier – getting everyone together in one room for a coffee or lunch in the local (remember that?). Even in that environment many managers struggled to keep their teams on song – either due to lack of time, skills or data.

The pandemic has compounded these challenges and made line management harder than ever. The impact of this for business is potentially enormous, the double hit of lost productivity and the loss of crucial talent would be devastating to any organisation trying to get back on track as we move into the new world.

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This Webinar offers some insights into how digital tools can bridge the gap between the old world and the new one – giving managers the knowledge, skills and resources they need to keep their people happy, focused and productive.The webinar will cover:

  • Why remote teams are so hard to manage – what’s really different?
  • How to create a culture of listening, learning and doing in remote teams
  • Listening – why it is more important now than ever before
  • Learning – manager away days are a thing of the past – what are the options
  • Accountability – why you need to hold managers accountable for their teams
  • A blueprint for managing remote teams using WeThrive

5 ways to keep remote teams engaged

Practical tips to help you and your people thrive working remotely 2nd July @ 10am

With teams now scattered across the country keeping them focused, engaged and productive is a challenge many people have not faced before. In this Webinar we will share some simple, actionable tips that can help you get to grips with the ‘new normal’.

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On Thursday 2nd July at 10:00 am our co-founder and business psychologist, Piers Bishop will discuss:

  • Good practice in communicating with a distributed team
  • Building trust when people are not co-located
  • The importance of understanding individual experience when people are working distantly
  • What to watch out for when you can’t see your staff
  • The differences between what people say they want and what they actually need


Breathe & WeThrive: How to boost employee engagement for a happy, productive workforce.

Thursday, Mar 19, 2020 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM GMT

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Breathe – a leading provider of HR management software for small businesses – to host a webinar exploring the importance of improving employee engagement to boost workplace productivity.

Breathe is a multi-award company and their software is used by more than 7,000 businesses to reduce admin and manage over 240,000 employees. Like WeThrive, Breathe are committed to creating better employee experiences for businesses.

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On Thursday 19th March at 10:00 am, Breathe’s CEO, Jonathan Richards, will be joined by our co-founder and business psychologist, Piers Bishop to discuss:

  • The business case for improving engagement
  • Understanding your employees’ needs
  • Putting insight to practical use
  • Planning for continuous improvement

Creating a culture of listening, learning and doing with WeThrive

As an HR leader it can be challenging to meet the ever growing demands on your time and your team whilst delivering your people strategy.

In order to improve engagement, retention and wellbeing at your organisation you need a system that is designed to deliver both insights and most importantly recommendations of where to focus your valuable time to help you hit your objectives – within an already busy schedule.

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Join Craig Mathewson and Piers Bishop for our product demonstration on Wednesday 29th January @ 10am and in just 30 minutes discover how to:

  • Use psychology to understand what really motivates employees
  • Go from survey to action – instantly
  • Create a culture of listening, learning and doing
  • Hold your leaders and managers accountable
  • What the ultimate employee experience feels like

Retain more staff in 2020 & beyond: Why your people leave, and what you can do about it

As December fast approaches, SMEs enter a crucial period for employee retention. According to research, in 2018 over a third of Brits were thinking of leaving or likely to resign from their jobs post January payday.

The average employee costs an SME £12,000 to replace, so what can your business do to ensure you retain key staff who are critical to business success in 2020 and beyond?

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Join business psychologist and WeThrive co founder, Piers Bishop, and Me Learning CEO and SME business owner, Nick Richards, as they discuss what SMEs need to increase retention rates. By attending this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to implement an employee engagement survey to identify specific employees who are most at risk
  • Gain insight into the real reasons employees are most likely to leave and what you can do to improve things
  • Understand why it’s essential to equip managers with the tools they need to be better managers in order to retain staff

Eight essential steps to running a successful employee engagement survey

The first step to finding out how your employees are feeling (and what you can do to improve engagement) is to run a survey. However, despite the rising trend towards employee engagement surveys, some companies do not always see best possible results from their implementation.

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We uncover the essential steps for running a successful employee engagement survey. By viewing this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to set objectives for the survey in order to get the most from the process
  • Understand the importance of the role of the line manager in the survey cycle and how to engage them and get their buy-in
  • See how to increase response rates using innovative internal communications
  • Discover the crucial post survey steps to take in order to create a culture of listening, learning and doing

Becoming the employer of choice to attract top talent and retain the best employees

In today’s modern world, ratings have become ubiquitous in how people make life decisions, from holiday reviews on TripAdvisor to choosing our food on Deliveroo and even rating our taxi trips on Uber. We want to know what our peers think.

This phenomena of checking for ratings before making decisions is rapidly evolving in the working world too, with more people than ever scoping out prospective employees on sites such as Glassdoor and

According to a recent study from the CIPD, 75% of organisations have experienced recruitment difficulties in the last year. At a cost of £11,000 to replace the average employee, and, in an increasingly competitive and turbulent marketplace, it is crucial for businesses to attract top talent but also to retain their best employees.

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Business psychologist Piers Bishop of WeThrive and Strategy Director Belinda Gannaway of Fathom XP, will discuss what employers can do to become the employer of choice as well as strategies and insight on how to make it happen.
By listening to this webinar you will:

  • Understand why, in uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to effectively engage with existing employees
  • Discover the characteristics that employers of choice have in common
  • See how to implement an effective employee engagement strategy in order to boost reviews on employer review sites such as Glassdoor and
  • Hear case studies of businesses who are using employee engagement techniques to ensure they are the employer of choice

The Future of Employee Engagement Report 2019

The Future of Employee Engagement Report 2019 uses the trends from WeThrive survey results and industry experts to provide analysis on what 2019 holds for HR professionals striving for success in their employee engagement strategies.

Listen to the headline findings by clicking the button below.

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Business psychologist, Piers Bishop, diversity champion, Simon Fanshawe and Employee Experience and Culture Director, Hannah Leach discuss key takeaways from the report and what they mean for your business in 2019.
By listening to this recording you will:

  • Hear key findings from over 400,000 pieces of survey data, presented in takeaway insights
  • Learn predictions for employee engagement in 2019 and actionable strategies to implement as a result
  • Establish a starting point for diversity in workplace by taking it back to basics and understanding what it is you are actually trying to achieve
  • See case studies which highlight innovative employee engagement practices and techniques

I want to help you, but I don’t know who you are: the case for the non-anonymous survey.

It’s often said that employee engagement surveys should be anonymous because otherwise people will not speak freely. However, did you know that in fact the opposite is true and by conducting your next survey on an individual level you will collect more comprehensive data from more willing employees? Join us for our latest webinar to find out more.

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Join Piers Bishop, WeThrive co-founder and psychologist, on Wednesday 14th November at 2pm as he explores how you can gain more comprehensive data, from more willing employees.By listening to this recording you will:

  • Understand why the anonymous survey is in fact detrimental to your employee engagement efforts
  • View critical schools of thought regarding how individual level surveys are key to driving workplace productivity
  • See the recommended seven steps you should be taking during any employee engagement survey process
  • View case studies from WeThrive customers who are utilising the non-anonymous survey, one of whom has seen an increase of 19% in their staff retention as a result

Where do Maslow and Herzberg fit in the modern workplace

The founders of WeThrive will be sharing key learnings from working with some of the top companies in the UK to maximise engagement, wellbeing and retention.

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Maslow and Herzberg are still popular models for understanding human behaviour at work, yet they pre-date modern neuroscience by many decades. So what did they do well, what are they missing, and what is their place in people management today?
Join us for a 15-minute tour around the map of human motivation and see what you can add to Maslow and Herzberg to get a bigger picture of how to help your people be the best they can be. At the end we will also share some must have content and a recording of the Webinar.

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