Employee engagement software

Our employee engagement software empowers your line managers with easy to follow action plans from the second your engagement survey closes.

The WeThrive platform seamlessly delivers everything you need to listen, review and take action with real-time reports, automatically generated coaching recommendations, an ever growing library of line manager learning content and centralised post survey action tracking.


A dynamic employee survey designed to uncover how your people truly feel

WeListen uncovers how your employees truly feel and identifies underlying issues or successes within the workplace.


  • Visual cross team analysis
  • Quickly highlight org-wide areas of focus
  • Pinpoint specific challenges in low scoring teams
  • Identify common strengths driving high engagement levels


  • Org-wide strength and opportunity sentiment analysis
  • Quickly highlight key drivers of engagement and areas of focus
  • Qualitive insights aligned with survey scores provide full employee experience picture


Greater insight for line managers to enable more insightful conversations

Equipped with a better understanding of how employees feel, you can take action and make improvements. There are two WeCoach models: 1-2-1 and Team. 1-2-1 helps line managers by going deeper into the survey results to uncover insights that will inspire more fruitful conversations. The team version offers broader team-wide recommendations.


Benchmarking and comparisons

  • Compare your results to other WeThrive customers
  • Better understanding of expectations and common challenge areas
  • Link previous survey actions to improvement areas
  • Re-focus on areas of concern


Learning resources for line managers to improve leadership skills and build happier more productive teams

WeLearn helps build on the insights obtained from WeListen and WeCoach by providing access to support and learning resources. These resources align with issues highlighted from the WeListen survey.


A task and action tracking tool for recording post survey activities across your organisation

Many businesses run an annual survey without any follow up or improvement monitoring. WeDo gives you a central view of all post-survey activity helping you track progress, create action plans and report on improvements.

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