Beautifully simple employee engagement tools

Happier people are more likely to stay and deliver results. That’s why our tools take you way beyond employee engagement helping you and your leaders dig deeper into underlying issues, spot opportunities, take action and track progress.

WeThrive product toolbox

Four employee engagement tools together help you create a supportive culture of sustainable and measurable improvements in your employee experience.

How our products work

All of our products are named and based on the steps needed to create a happier workforce and get better results for the organisation. Let us take you on a WeThrive journey to demonstrate how our employee engagement tools can help your organisation and your people thrive.

A dynamic employee satisfaction survey designed to uncover how your people truly feel.

We need to listen before we can act, which is why every WeThrive client first needs the core product. WeListen is a survey designed to uncover how your employees truly feel and identify underlying issues or successes within the workplace.

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Greater insight for line managers to enable more insightful 1-2-1 coaching conversations.

Equipped with a better understanding of how your employees feel, you can take action and make improvements. There are two WeCoach models: 1-2-1 and Team. 1-2-1 helps Line Managers by going deeper into the survey results to uncover insights that will inspire more fruitful conversations. The team version offers broader team-wide recommendations.

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Learning resources for line managers to improve their leadership skills and help them build happier more productive teams.

WeLearn helps build on the insights obtained from WeListen and WeCoach by providing access to support and learning resources. These resources align with issues highlighted from the WeListen survey.

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A task and action tracking tool for recording post survey activities across your organisation.

Many businesses run an annual survey without any follow up or improvement monitoring. WeDo gives you a central view of all post-survey activity helping you track progress, create action plans and report on improvements.

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Beyond employee engagement

Engagement is important but increasingly organisations are beginning to understand the need to ‘widen the lens’ and look at employee experience as a whole. The WeThrive toolbox of products goes way beyond employee engagement, helping you to better understand the subconscious factors that help you to get to the root of underlying issues, take action, and track your progress. WeThrive products can help you to:

  • Truly understand your employees’ needs
  • Improve employee motivation
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve employee wellbeing
  • Transform workplace culture
  • Implement sustainable change
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Retain top talent
  • Support ongoing leadership development
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Improve employee experience
  • Facilitate change management
  • Attract top talent
  • Ailsa Suttie Boundless
    WeThrive gives us clarity of focus on the areas we need to get better at and ultimately supports our overall performance. Given it is so easy to use and the reports are superfast and specifically detailed it’s a dream system!
    Ailsa Suttie, Operations Director,
  • Gareth Way Creditsafe
    WeThrive will complement and enhance the data obtained from the Best Companies survey, placing us in an even more informed position as to the way that staff are connecting with the business, and critically guide what to do to make things better.
    Gareth Way, HR & Training Director, Creditsafe
  • Barney Dines VW Heritage
    This is HR gold! WeThrive has given me a fantastic insight into my teams with really clear and easy to follow stats and graphics. It has made performance reviews so much more targeted. Highly recommended!
    Barney Dines, Sales Director, VW Heritage
  • PO Ferries Logo
    We wanted to take a new approach to embedding happiness and a partner to help us do that in a creative yet proven way. Wethrive offered that to us with a sound platform, materials and model which will become the byword for talking about our happiness and engagement at work.
    Bill O'Shaughnessy, Vice President - People, Cunard Line and P&O Cruises (Carnival UK)
Boundless Testimonial Creditsafe Logo VW Heritage Logo PO Logo

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