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WeThrive is safe, secure employee engagement software packed with useful features to show you how your people feel. Real-time reports and action plans show you how to create the best culture and environment for your people to thrive.

Our Products

We have three employee engagement software products to meet the needs of any organisation. All include our proven survey method and technology, but with different levels of analysis .

Employee engagement software - pulse


Regular, anonymous surveys to monitor engagement levels and areas of concern – keeping your finger on the pulse so you can resolve issues before they become problems

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Instant action-orientated engagement platform – from setup to survey send in minutes. Real-time results with action plans to maximise engagement, motivation, wellbeing and retention.

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Employee engagement software - coach


Give your managers and leaders the insights they need to build a high performance culture. Individual data, analysis & actions plans deliver focused, results-driven coaching & 121s.

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Key features

WeThrive has everything you need (and nothing you don't) to help you get the best quality feedback and insight from your people - with the minimum hassle.

Easy to use employee engagement software

Beautifully simple and easy to use

Works on any device

WeThrive is a full SaaS service and works fluidly on Mac, PC or mobile and on all modern browsers.

Simple to set-up

Creating an account is super easy and getting your data uploaded takes minutes with our simple Excel import. Or integrate with your HR software.

Beautiful dashboards

Our home page dashboard provides quick access to regular features, shows progress with recent surveys and brings you the latest news from WeThrive.

Effortless Surveys

Effortless employee surveys

Integrated email verification

All people data is automatically scanned on import to check email address formatting and to ensure the address is active and working.

No email address? No problem!

Each employee survey has a unique access URL. So for staff without email addresses, use these to provide access via other means (SMS for example).

Flexible data segmentation

Segment your data by team, location and department. Plus, add unlimited custom filters to meet your specific needs.

Fully automated survey process

The survey process is fully automated, including automatic introduction email, reminders and thank you emails.

No employee login required

There’s no login required for your employees to complete the survey, they simply receive an email and click the link to complete.

Mobile ready

Our surveys are fully mobile compatible so complete on Mac, PC or any modern smartphone.

Intelligent Insights and Reports

Intelligent insight that drives improvement

The 4c model for intelligent performance

Our 4c model delivers 16 top level questions covering all the psychosocial, emotional, cognitive and practical reasons why someone might be working below their potential.

Employee privacy respected

All comments and feedback are anonymous and can only be viewed by team when at least 4 entries are recorded. Comments in reports are randomised to ensure privacy and help encourage participation.

Exceptionally high completion rates

Our customers deliver an average survey completion rate of 93%, providing excellent company-wide insight.

Real time reporting

Action led, real time reporting & analysis

Real time reports

There’s no waiting to get your results - reporting data updates in real time as surveys are completed.

Easy to understand

Simple, easy to understand bar charts provide results at company, team, location, department and individual level.

Filter for additional insight

Using custom filters you can define against your data, easily filter and view your results by criteria such as employee age, tenure, gender, etc.

Measure individual vs company average

Review results at individual level and see where they align with the company and their own team average.

Action plans at all levels

One of our greatest features! Our intelligent algorithm identifies the key areas for opportunity improvement and actually provides action plans to improve – at team and individual level.

Easy report share

Our easy report share allows your administrator to configure reports specifically for team leads/management and share via email.

Customise Employee Engagement Software

Customisation and integrations

Company branding

Brand your survey with your company logo and sign off survey emails with a personalised contact.

Use your terminology

Customise key terms to align with your business, for example change ‘company’ to ‘charity’.

Multi-lingual surveys

Surveys and all associated emails can be translated and published in any language.

Custom questions

Add on your own custom questions to align with your own corporate values.

Integration with HR software

Seamless integration with your HR software allows people data to automatically synchronise pre-survey.

Export to Excel

Export your survey data to Excel, allowing report packs and presentations to be compiled for wider viewing.

Scalable Employee Engagement Software

Built for big businesses

Trusted, scalable hosting

All data is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing highly scalable, durable, and reliable hosting with regular automated backups.

Security assured

All information is confidential, using 128-bit encryption. There is no human intervention – analyses and summaries are generated by our unique algorithms.

Surveys at scale

Our infrastructure and software is built for big businesses. We have existing customers with 1000+ employees using WeThrive.

Best support

Live support & employee engagement expertise

In-all support & online resources

All customers have access to in-app live chat backed up by our online help centre and support videos 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Business psychology expertise

Our business psychologists deliver a constantly updated supply of expert blogs and insights on employee engagement.

Additional consultancy services

Through a network of approved partners, we can introduce you to HR consultants who work closely with WeThrive to deliver leadership and change management professional services.

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