Help a friend thrive and boost your HR budget.

Earn 10% cashback on referrals.

We believe that great products deserve to be shared. That’s why our referral programme is designed for valued customers who have experienced the excellence of our platform firsthand. If you’ve loved using WeThrive, why not spread the word to your network and earn rewards while doing so?

Our referral program is a testament to our commitment to building not only exceptional products but also a strong community of satisfied customers. We understand that recommendations from individuals who have experienced the benefits of our products carry immense value. That’s why we’ve created a simple yet rewarding way for you to share your positive experiences while earning something in return.

Terms and Conditions

Earn 10% cash-back (based on the value of new customer contract you’ve introduced us to excl. VAT) on any referrals becoming customers of WeThrive. We’ll also give your introductions 10% off their first year’s licence fee. The cash-back will be paid to your business account on receipt of funds from any new customer that you have referred.