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A flexible toolbox of products designed to improve the lives of your employees and help you meet your business goals.

A dynamic employee satisfaction survey designed to uncover how your people truly feel.


Per user, per month
billed annually
£1.50 billed monthly

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Unlimited surveys

Company branding

Custom questions

Custom data segmentation

Full reporting

Team comments

Online report sharing

Online help & support

Wider recommendations that help line managers take action and react to survey feedback faster.


Per user, per month
billed annually
£3.00 billed monthly

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Detailed team/segment analysis

Team/segment scores & trends

Line manager action plans

Add WeLearn resources

Add WeDo action tracking

An additional layer of insight for line managers to enable powerful 1-2-1 coaching conversations.


Per user, per month
billed annually
£6.00 billed monthly

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WeListen + WeCoachTeam

Detailed individual analysis

Individual scores & trends

Line manager 121 action plans

Dedicated customer success manager

Empower your line managers


Add high quality learning content to your managers action plans to help them shift from a leader to THE leader

15% of your total per user subscription


Maximize visibility and accountability with our action tracking tools – seamlessly linked to WeLearn content.

10% of your total per user subscription


A range of additional professional services to take your leaders to the next level.

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Example pricing: WeListen + WeCoach (team) for 200 staff, paid annually = £6,480.
Add WeLearn for £972 and WeDo for £648, total package price = £8,100.

Please contact us if you have more than 200 staff as our per user price reduces for larger organisations.

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Choosing the right product for you

The first step on your WeThrive journey is WeListen. A survey solution that helps you get the people data you need, you can then take action by upgrading to WeCoach team or 1-2-1, which reveals immediate insights and recommendations to help Line Managers have meaningful conversations right away. For long-term value, you can then add-on further WeThrive tools along the way to help you maximise the impact.

Not sure where to start? Head on over to our human resource problems and solutions page to discover which products are right for you or get started right away with a free trial of WeListen.

WeThrive Solutions Get started free

Everything you need in one place

There are so many employee survey solutions out there, but not many that then help you do something with that people data. For us it’s important that we don’t just uncover the problems, we also help you make real change and progress. That’s why we offer a toolbox of products that will help you:

  • Get to the root of any employee issues right way
  • Uncover conscious and subconscious factors impacting employee morale
  • Offer you recommendations that help you have meaningful 1-2-1 conversations
  • Provide line managers with the learning resources they need to take action
  • Improve employee morale, staff performance and productivity
  • Reduce stress and improve employee wellbeing
  • Monitor and track your progress as you make improvements across the organisation

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Payment and cancellation

Monthly contract

The monthly licence fee is invoiced and collected on your start date in advance for the next month. This process will repeat every month.

You cancel your contract at any point before the monthly renewal date. No licence fees will be refunded for the remainder of the month. At this point you will no longer have access to the product or your data.

Annual contract

The annual licence fee is invoiced and collected on your start date in advance for the next 12 months with a 10% discount applied. The contract will automatically renew on the anniversary of the start date unless you give notice in the 11th month. No licence fees will be refunded for the remainder of the contract. At the end of the contract you will no longer have access to the product or your data.

We are a large enterprise – how do I get a quote?

Our pricing is tiered so larger organisations benefit from further savings – if you are a larger enterprise please contact us to discuss your specific needs on +44(0)1273 921788.

What are my payment options?

For maximum security and flexibility we use We do not store any of your card details or billing information on our servers. You have the options to pay monthly or annually in advance and save 10% of licence fees.

Or we can issue an invoice to your accounts team – just contact us to discuss what works best for you.

How does the free trial work?

When you create an account we allow you to survey up to 10 of your staff for free. Some customers just survey themselves to see the questions, others run it on a whole team to get a feel for the sort of information it will give them.

You get full access to all the features and benefits of the product so you can assess how well this would work for the rest of your business. The trial lasts for 30 days so you have plenty of time to send a test survey and review the results.

We also offer the option for a free results review call which you can book in via the in-app help.

How does the support work?

Whether you are on a free trial or a paying customer we are here 9-5 office hours to help with anything you need. Just contact us in-app for the speediest response time, or email

How will WeThrive help me execute my vision and strategy?

By regularly checking in with your teams (we recommend 3 or 4 times a year) you can quickly see how much of the time they feel like they understand how their work connects with the company and customers, how clear they are on what part they play in that journey and to what extent they feel like the team are collaborating to that end.

This makes it very easy to focus in on areas of your organisation where people feel unclear about this. They may not have understood how your vision, values and strategy relate specifically to them, in their role. So as well as measuring all your normal business KPIs by using WeThrive you can measure how well your culture is embedded.

How can this support L+D to develop a culture that will deliver the business goals?

WeThrive firs beautifully here. Imagine your busy line managers having a crystal clear picture of how their team feels, where the gaps are and the action points they need to make it better… Then add in the WeLearn which is packed full of worksheets, frameworks and videos to help guide your leaders through the process of change.

So WeThrive brings the opportunity to learn and develop right into the day to day lives of your line managers.

We've done surveys before and nothing has changed!

Many people have experienced the same frustration with the annual survey – it takes ages to get the results and then they are only theme-based so quite hard to get your teeth into!

We are here to change all that. WeThrive instantly analyses your staffs’ input and creates action plans at organisation, team, department or location level so that you can start to make changes right away.

With our WeListen plan you can do this for each individual in your organisation if you want too.

Our approach is completely new and when combined with WeLearn can be transformational. We have even had customers implementing change whilst their survey was still open!

We are all surveyed out!

We get this one a lot! The key here is to make sure there is a clear and valid reason for doing the survey in the first place. The way we approach this is to make it a test on the organisation from the individuals’ point of view. This typically gives a 90%+ participation rate and incredibly candid feedback.

The actual process of completing the survey is very simple. Using any browser, tablet or mobile your people can complete the survey in 5 minutes. To gain the best insight and to prevent survey fatigue the questions are adaptive so nobody ever gets the same survey twice!

To back this up follow up surveys typically have an even higher completion rate!

Need more help?

Got questions on our plans and pricing? Then please contact us or call on +44(0)1273 921788.

You can also chat with one of our Thrivers, we’d be more than happy to help.

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