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WeThrive gives busy managers instant access to feedback, performance management software, action plans and learning resources, enabling them to skyrocket engagement, retention and productivity.

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Performance management software for quality conversations

Performance reviews rarely deliver the value or quality outcomes that businesses need and are often dreaded by both managers and employees. According to McKinsey, 75% of employees say the most stressful aspect of their job is their immediate boss, which negatively affects engagement, retention and productivity.

Poor preparation and a lack of time and access to the right data mean many reviews come up short, leaving everyone feeling disengaged.

“WeThrive takes the fear out of 1:1s and empowers managers”

Jenny Bannerman, Head of HR, Future Biogas. Case study.

Easy to use performance management software

Automate the process with our performance management software

Step one of a successful review cycle is ensuring 1:1s are actually in the diary. WeThrive makes launching a best-practice review that drives quality conversations and quality outcomes seamless.

From scheduling the meeting to collecting feedback and logging goals and actions, our performance management software does the hard work for you. This frees up your managers to focus on the most important part – the conversation.

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Introducing Intelligendas®️

To build a high-performance team managers and employees need to focus on what matters most to everyone: the business, managers and the employee themselves.

With easy access to recent survey results, goals, actions and OKRs, managers can build a custom Intelligenda®️ prior to a 1:1. Employees can add anything they want to discuss so the conversation is focused precisely where it needs to be – to deliver the most value.

“WeThrive’s performance management software has definitely put individuals’ development at the forefront of our agenda and on the line managers’ agenda. It’s made them aware that there is an expectation from the business that we have a duty to develop our team and people shouldn’t want to stand still.”

Laura Hardy, HR Manager, Artisanal Spirits PLC. Case study.

Performance management software with Intelligendas

Performance management software that includes OKRs

Align your people and drive results with OKRs

Ensure everyone in your organisation is aligned and working towards your company vision using OKRs in WeThrive.

Our performance management software includes OKRs. They are completely customisable and are cascaded down to departments, managers and individuals so everyone at every level of the organisation understands how they contribute to the overall success of the organisation.

Risk reporting identifies where people are getting off track so you can act swiftly to make sure they deliver exactly what is required for business success.

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